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  1. Liked Danny but kind of glad he was recalled as it released Rooney to his best position. He is a stronger defender , puts in a better cross & better in the air.
  2. Got MoM in quite a few media sources. Maybe they only saw the second half.
  3. The back 3 have the hardest & most physical job to do & we don't have great cover. Not sure about the strikers. Wouldn't like to replace Guy & Kano with May & Hendry but the way Kano plays he can't play 2 games a week for 4 weeks without injury or suspension. Wouldn't be surprised to see May playing tonight.
  4. Yeah, Celtic seem to get a few quid selling on. Van Dyke & Forster went on to justify the transfer fee .Not too many others I can think of.
  5. Millwall said to be interested in Portious.Rowatt must have be wanting the sack.
  6. Celtic get £10 million for Fringpong . WTF. Wonder if Ralston will get a place.
  7. Also £120k if we lose but we probably would have got at least £50 k if knocked out in quarters minus win bonuses so not a huge windfall at the end of the day but every little helps. Not sure if we get extra for being telly games in semi & final or is it all in the overall package. Anyway we are in the final & hopefully have a trophy so show for it which will mean more to us than a few grand.
  8. If he does well he will still not get in Rangers team but will come to the notice of other teams who could offer better terms than us.
  9. I wonder what happened to the signing that was to be in the semi final squad. It couldn't have been Middleton as he was cup tied.
  10. Would assume so but may have to be caretaker til the new guys gets out of quarintine. Think Jodie will show loyalty to Lampard & go as well.
  11. He is under contract at Ibrox til summer 2023 so must have been well thought of when signed. Only lasted from August to October at Hibs & was returned to Rangers & on to Bradford where he didn't do much. A bit of a worry but I did see him in a Europa game & he looked good. Fingers crossed.
  12. I think there will be squad rotation due to the number games we have to play & Conway & Muzz are getting on a bit. Fortunately otherwise we have a relatively young squad & Spoony looks like he can now manage 90 mins.
  13. That was my thoughts. Think he was still getting a game for Scotland under 21s.
  14. On Saturdays performance I hope we don't lose any on pre contracts.
  15. Millwall fans want Rowatt binned. Wonder if they will come in for Callum.
  16. Dont remember him setting the heather on fire for Hibs but Callum likes his wide men . Will he replace Spoony & will MoH get back in the team ?. I thought Steve was to have told Gilmour they wanted a striker. Hearsay though.
  17. Don't know if the occasion got to Saints but the first 20 mins were the worst we played all season. Hanlon unlucky to hit the post. Huge miss by Murphy after good save from Zander. Deflection off Ali almost looping in. On another day one of those would have gone in. We deserved a break after the 2 games against them this season. I think the match changed when Callum swapped Spoony & Conway. Spoony linked better with Rooney & Conway with Tanser.
  18. Good wee tactic for Muzz & Liam to keep Hibs waiting at second half.
  19. Cagey

    League position

    Motherwell & County getting beat rounded of a good weekend.
  20. Because Hibs players do what they do. Go down & scream if a boot comes within s foot of them. Conway is good at it as well though as opposed to Tanser who just gets up & gets on with it after a foul.
  21. C,Mon Sixties,surely you know I was having a go at his many critics that think unless a striker is scoring a goal a game,then they are useless. Good to see the commentators at least recognised what he does.
  22. I must admit when I saw their front 3 I was worried but Boyle, Nisbit & the Rangers loanee hardly got a kick of the ball. Most of their threat in first 30 mins came from Irvine & defenders.
  23. I was wondering what the semi & final were worth financially. Do we not get TV money as well. Surely can afford a midfielder & striker now Steve. I think Jackson Irvine is only signed with Hibs til summer. Get him on a pre contract.