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  1. Things just go from bad to worse. No wonder we are in trouble if he thinks he is the kind of player to get us out of trouble. We don't have to sign him as we can keep him on loan.
  2. Hibs in free fall . The only game they have won was against us where we gave them too much respect and if we beat them we would have been above them now. Callum has a lot of work to do. Hopefully he can prove that last season was not a fluke & we can try to win games again.
  3. If it keeps on raining we might have more of a backlog.
  4. I think you would have trouble finding anyone to watch that game.
  5. Position filled. That's our £50 grand compo gone then.
  6. Yeah but would take a couple of months to get up to speed even if he got s permit.
  7. Owners are throwing money at Queen's to get up the league's so I can't see them developing little Hampden with as little as 1774.
  8. Didn't do too well at Arbroath either so I don't think the Saints fans that wanted him before will be looking at him now.
  9. Callum has a week to try & work on things before the visit of Aberdeen. I think he has to try & work on a new shape . I think he has to go to a back 4 whether it is 4-2-4 . 4-3-3 ,4-4-2 .
  10. If it takes a Fin 2 months for Callum to get him up to speed , how long will it take a Japanese.
  11. Cagey

    Fouls Per Card

    Yeah but if the refs were not biased against us we would not need to dispute decisions. You constantly see Celtic,Rangers,Hibs & Hearts players surrounding the ref & nothing happens. I don't think Bryson was going to get booked for tackle on Porteus until they surrounded the ref. It happened all game.
  12. Out of the 12 teams at , at the moment we are the worst. Livi this season are a far better team than Hamilton were last season. Saints have to find a composed ball winning midfielder & decent striker in January. I hope they been looking for the past month or so because they won't come knocking at the door. Agents might but the track record there is not great.
  13. Forecast not great so I can see fixture chaos in the new year.
  14. Would imagine it would be 21/22nd of December.
  15. Apparently Livi played Hearts off the park in the first half which is a worry but Hearts won in the end so its turned out a decent weekend for us.
  16. Why does Forrest score against us & is shyte against everyone else ?.
  17. I think Hearts have a benifactor (Robertson ?,) who has bailed out Hearts ,& I think he also donated money to the lower leagues during lockdown. I think what it basically shows is the bigger the crowds teams normally ,the bigger the loss during lockdown.
  18. You guys ok. No teamtalk this week ?.
  19. I wonder if the groundsman has been watering the pitch again. He just loves playing with his fountains.
  20. Its Kelty in the next round after a 3-1 win on penalties.