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  1. SFA have eventually made a decision . Don't know why it couldn't be done on Tuesday. Maybe they had to wait to see if Taverner came through last night game unscathed.
  2. Would hope we would sell more STs next season but not sure. We are playing better football than the eye bleeding stuff we had to put up with under Tommy but not sure if too many will be seeing it. I think Rangers & Hibs have already put theirs on sale already. Desperate for money.
  3. Hamilton look like they will be going down at long last. Even if they make the play offs,can't see them staying up.
  4. Was Del boy just trying to be impartial or is he a closet h u n.
  5. That man is a machine. Mid 30s & probably covered more ground than anyone else on the park. Composed & never missed a pass.
  6. I can't see how we will line up differently. Don't think we have anyone in the squad that could improve us & Melemed may be missing. Cant see us changing formation either.
  7. Was worried when Rooney got booked early & his style of play may have seen him miss the cup game.
  8. Looks like 3 strikes or fouls make one penalty. Defender didn't appeal too much. I wonder if the ref would have made that decision in the 94th minute if the title was still at stake.
  9. SFA are a joke. What decision is there to make. Is it how can we kick this down the road until their team gets the cup or hopefully knocked out of the cup. SFA can't make it any more obvious the Sevco rules Scottish football.
  10. Miller & McCracken sacked by Falkirk. Are they not second in the division ?. Grant leaving Allow at end of season.
  11. This could be lucrative for the lawyers but costly for the 6.
  12. David Irons leaves Stenhousemuir.
  13. I would rather win the cup game. Get past that & the cups ours & we are in Europe. The best we could probably hope for in the league against them is a draw & still have to gets a win against Livi. Play the fringe players & see if they are worth a contract Not sure getting to the confederation cup or whatever it is called would be any financial benefit to Saints.
  14. Think we should keep Liam & Spoony for Sunday. They are our most influential players outside or back 3 & can't afford to lose them due to injury or red card.
  15. Cagey

    Pay per view.

    Ross no longer there. It amazes me the quality we get from Saints TV with more or less 1 camera when Sky & BBC need loads of outside broadcast vehicles & miles of cables, 2 or 3 commentators & 2 or 3 summarises.
  16. Hopefully the voddy works just as well.
  17. I wonder how the SFA will manage to avoid banning the covid 5 & allow them to play until the end of season. Maybe tomorrow's meeting will be cancelled due to covid.
  18. Cagey

    Pay per view.

    Rangers fans not happy they will have to pay £17.50 for game on Wednesday as not on sky. Delboy to be co-commentator on Saints TV.
  19. Cagey

    Pay per view.

    I see Scottish Premiership are going to allow ppv next season. I assume season ticket holders will get the games as well. Looks like they are not expecting full crowds next season.
  20. Said at the time Sevco should have played their young players when they were in the second division. They didn't do it then so why do they want to now. If they had done it then ,by the time they got in SPL they would have had a team of home grown talent that may have been good enough to play for Scotland.
  21. Cagey

    Scottish Cup

    I thought it was this week so that he could play in OF game but may be left til Tavenier fit.
  22. Not so special now. Was only a matter of time. He turned an exciting team into a boring defencei team.
  23. Won't happen but if it did doubt if they will be involved. We can but hope though.
  24. Cagey

    Scottish Cup

    Especially Craig, Wotherspoon & Melamed. Willing to give this one up & keep our influential players for Saturday.