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  1. I was expecting them to score in the last minute with the last kick of the ball which was their game plan.
  2. Football in empty stadia is shyte.
  3. Can't believe that we are allowed 5 subs from a strong bench & Callums only meaningfull sub was Hendry for May who was not the most ineffective in the team. Spoony made a lot of poor decisions & never usually manages 90 mins. Bryson wasn't poor but not a patch on McCann. Danny is some player but crosses are not as good as Rooney. Would have Danny in my team any day though. United came for a draw & acheaved it with help of a ref that spoils games & gave every opportunity to spoil the game.
  4. Could have been well up league & pressure off. Sums Spoony up ,too many step overs & lack of urgency in final minute when he strolls over to take a corner & then takes ages to take it.
  5. Derby game ?. More like pre season friendly.
  6. Too much work on the ball.
  7. Too much work on the ball.
  8. We have 5 subs Callum.
  9. I think Callum said him & Danny needed a rest.
  10. Bryson for McCann & Guy not on the bench.
  11. St Mirren game off as the whole team has been advised to isolate. Just as well their game against Celtic is off anyway.
  12. Gavin Swankie must be about 65 by now.
  13. St Mirren have another 3 positives + a contact. This has been going on since our friendly with them was cancelled. Either they are unlucky because they are in the worst hit part of Scotland or they are poor at sticking to Nicolas F A C T S.
  14. Shaun Duffy being paid £25 grand of his £45 grand a week wage by Celtic. Paying that kind of money for a past it donkey.
  15. Cagey


    I wonder what Pickford & De Gea's charts are like.
  16. RIP ,Jim one of my all time favourites.
  17. Cagey


    It looks to me like it could be coaching. I have said that for a while now. Sander had a good season with QoS & came back to us & had a good couple of seasons & I was touting him for Scotland. Unfortunately things have gone downhill since then. Don't remember when Mather's came in but there could be a link. Still better than Parish though.
  18. Genuine 2 footed player which is unusual. You see some of those multimillion players in the EPL who are one footed. Had to smile at Mays comment in post match interview where he said its great that defenders don't know what Spoonys going to do but neither does his strike partners.
  19. Hibs play Hearts in the cup that day so this one postponed. There is no reason this game can't be played on Tuesday or Wednesday of the week before but Hibs may not want a game in cup week. There will be few spare midweeks so would think they could get this one out of the way.
  20. Not sure there is much room for postponement. There is the Betfred cup, International weeks,Europa & Champions league ,SPFL midweek games, games to be rearranged due to Scottish cup semifinal & final. Motherwell have two games to catch up on & we don't know what the winter will throw at us.
  21. We are only 1 win from top 6 at the moment. No one has turned us over yet even the OF. I would be disappointed if the players were not aiming at top 6 finish.
  22. We have played on all 3 plastic pitches in the first quarter & have 6 of our 10 points & gifted Livi the game in 2 a minutes. Should we convert McDiarmid to plastic ?
  23. Hopefully Callum will see that Spoonys best position is left midfield/wing.
  24. That's maybe why they sit them in the stand .