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  1. A good listen & a few good guests recently. Wish you had asked him about the rumour he had a trial for Saints but was rejected because he was scruffy. Peter , Two seasons of a league of 42. I don't think so. If you are going to get more popular guests & have a few days notice,maybe ask the fans if they have any questions. Keep up the good work.
  2. From what I can find,£400 an hour for a QC & that was in 2003.
  3. I think most on here have said we need a winger & midfielder .
  4. Looks like after 3 days of wasted valuable court time & thousands of lawyers fees the ball is where it should have been in the first place SFA court of arbitration. How long will it take them to appoint the independent panel the judge is calling for. Hearts should be suspended at least for bringing Scottish football into disrepute.
  5. Very talented player who liked a drink too much apparently. That with being miles from home with nothing to do outside 2 hours training.
  6. Court sits for 2 hours & decides to go into a 3rd day. Should have sat to midnight if requied.No wonder there is a huge backlog. I was once involved in a court case. Turned up at 9 am sat in waiting room until about 11.30. Called to give evidence & then court adjourned for lunch. Seeing as I had given my evidence I buggered off home & never even bothered to see the outcome. Utter farce.
  7. Didn't take the job for personal reason. So why the **** did he come for interview ?.
  8. If anything good comes out of this pandemic, hopefully it will be football, especially in England coming back into real world & stop paying players multi thousand pounds per week. I won't hold my breath. Have been watching a few games & without the atmosphere of the packed crowds the football looks average.
  9. Cagey

    Season Tickets

    Where is Sixties when you need him.
  10. No. Shaughnessy didn't want to sign a good contract . Wouldn't think he would sign a much reduced contract. Another player who thought the grass was greener. Has there ever been a player who has left Saints & gone on to bigger & better things ?.
  11. Cagey

    Season Tickets

    My order number is 10,000 odd. Don't think we will have sold that many.
  12. Probably too much rain in Dundee & there is no way he can use his umbrella again. But seriously I think he was told what the wages would be.
  13. Cagey

    Season Tickets

    Yeah,I think it was someone else claiming 9000,Hibs maybe or it could have been Dundee. Anyway numbers we can only dream of. Hopefully new management team will attract a few back.
  14. Championship club Wigan going into administration. Not the kind of club you would have expected ,so there will probably be more .
  15. Jason Leitch (Scottish government advisor)says he doesn't think fans will be allowed back before October.
  16. Cagey

    Season Tickets

    Eventually got through on mobile but not on tablet. All went well eventually. Problem may be demand. Just as well we are not selling 9000 like Dundee United.
  17. Cagey

    Season Tickets

    Only getting 'no events found when eventually got in Not surprised.
  18. Cagey

    Fixtures 2020/21

    There is no way they will get an interdict. Imagine the hate for Hearts. Mind you the laws an ass so anything can happen. Fixtures can be done & if by any chance Hearts succeed in staying in premiership then Hearts fixtures replace United's with any clashes with Hibs games moved to Friday/Sunday.
  19. I think the fixture list is meant to be out on Friday. Will we get Celtic at Parkhead unfurling the flag or are we entitled to a home game for a change.
  20. I would like Saints to go for Steven Lawless which I have wanted for a few seasons now. Another player I like is Tom Walsh of Caley. Don't think he is out of contract but worth looking at. Both are versatile midfielders.
  21. Anyone can put anything on wiki. Could be a possibility a piss take.
  22. Don't know how this thread moved from Tommy to Malky McKay. I see Baraclough has confirmed Jimmy Nicol as his assistant. Not that Tommy's pride would have allowed him to do that job. Just as well Nicol has that to fall back on as he been dumped by Dundee & Cuptie given his job. Dundee seem to be in a bit of financial trouble. Shame.
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    Season Tickets

    Did you have to claim it ?.
  24. Cagey

    Season Tickets

    Maybe that's the reason Hibs are in financial trouble.
  25. So you are defending him. Racism aside I can't see what he has done to advance Scottish football in last few years that he has been sitting drinking coffee at Park Gardens.