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    Cagey reacted to Kevin James Is On Stilts in Travel To The Final   
    Yeah, fair enough. Thought it would have been mentioned by Saints at some point though. Even looking on the Celtic and Scottish Cup sites it doesn't seem to be mentioned. Just find it a bit odd that it's not really been announced by the official parties apart from a few fans forum posts.
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    Cagey reacted to Saint madoe in Saints V Celtic 7/5/14   
    Last night showed how much Celtic rely on Scott brown, they are bang average without him!
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    Cagey reacted to The Inspiration in Saints V Celtic 7/5/14   
    Amido Baldé is rumoured to be in talks with St Johnstone. It is understood he is to take over from Chris Iwelumo in the Rory Fallon/Scott Dobie/Dyron Daal/Jordan Robertson/John Stewart role
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    Cagey reacted to Broon in Saints V Celtic 7/5/14   
    He's really added to his game this season. The desire he shows at corners lately is terrific. He wins everything. Credit must go to Spoony and Croft for finding him.
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    Cagey reacted to Ali91 in Saints V Celtic 7/5/14   
    To be fair to the club, Celtic coming requires extra costs with policing etc as their fans are well known as scum. I also would hate them to get cheap entry at McD considering the ridiculous amount we pay to stare at a pole at Parkhead.
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    Cagey reacted to BraveSaintsRock in Saints V Celtic 7/5/14   
    What a game.  Proud to be Saintee tonight.  The boys could easily have been 3 up at half time with other chances before tic came back. 
    We showed great character when 3-1 down.  Folk behind me said they'd had enough and left... (I never do and boy am I glad about that!)  Cracking atmosphere during the comeback and the end it felt more like a win!  Hope we can keep that positive energy for the final and get the scarf twirling and the chants going.  It makes such a difference!!
    Not a failure in the team.  Midfield performance from Cregg and Brown was great.   Croft battled hard, good corners and worked some good moves down the wing. 
    Hope Gary Miller is ok.  Saw ambulance arriving at stadium just before the end.  Not sure if it was for him.
    Tommy please wrap the boys in cotton wool until the final...(but to get a win v Inverness on the way would be great).
    No matter what happens in next two games ... from start to finish this has been a season I'll never forget. 
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    Cagey got a reaction from AthensSaint in Saints V Celtic 7/5/14   
    Think we should rest spine of the team at least.Mannus,Ando ,McLean & May.
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    Cagey got a reaction from Jimmy Wallace in Cup Final Bling   
    Please dont buy the stuff you get outside the ground ,lining some Weegie gangsters pockets.
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    Cagey got a reaction from THE LARK SAINT in Jeremy Clarkson. Racist?idiot?anti-Pc Ninja?   
    Funny as a sore head & top gear is the biggest load of shit on tv.
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    Cagey reacted to soupy76 in 14,000 +   
    My misses has never been to a football match with me, she spent her youth going to the saints matches with her gran Ethel and dad Ronnie ' .. 8 plus years we have been together, and we are going to enjoy the occasion with our kids. I cannot wait. I know rangers and celtic fans who have kitted out in our colours for the day, my bro in law is a dundonian ( lived in perth for 25 years ) but got him and my nephews the scarfs and tops, feck he's even bought himself a blue wig...
    Time to drop all the glory hunting digs, the where have you been awe season chat!! I couldn't give a feck if you've been to 1 game or a thousand games. If blue is your choice of colour just for one day for the day that'll do me. The vibe about town has been unreal over the past few days when I've been talking to people... Old n young, near or far - been before or never -- who gives a flying feck. As long as you enjoy the day and sing n shout your wee heart out

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    Cagey reacted to Honest Saints Fan in Jeremy Clarkson. Racist?idiot?anti-Pc Ninja?   
    He's a horrible bigot and Top Gear has to be up there as one of the shitest programmes on T.V.
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    Cagey reacted to The ghost of Jim Morton in Motherwell V St Johnstone 3/5/14 @ 1500   
    Been a long day. Just home from Motherwell. Not the best result but at least we competed in the second half. Will have to be much better if we are gonna have a chance in the cup final. Not over down about it though. Players look like they have only got eyes for the cup now. I would rest almost the whole tam against Celtic as there is no point in these guiys playing 3 games in 7 days. Get them all back for the ICT game.
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    Cagey reacted to Wendy Saints in Jeremy Clarkson. Racist?idiot?anti-Pc Ninja?   
    You have to remember he is an 18 carat twit... Opens his mouth before engaging with his pea brain! If it had been anyone else it would be unfortunate, however he has history as long as your arm when it comes to saying the wrong thing! Mostly deliberate in order to court controversy!?
    He can dress it up any way he wants but he is a bigoted, mysogynist and it's a disgrace he receives so much money from the TV license payer
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    Cagey got a reaction from cjw in Jeremy Clarkson. Racist?idiot?anti-Pc Ninja?   
    Its a feckin nursery rhyme. Its not as if he called anyone the N word.
    I have been reading a few nursery rhmyes with my grandson & get caught out a few times as all the words have now been changed.
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    Cagey reacted to cristo in Player contracts and transfers   
    Didn't see the interview, but hope he signs soon.
    One of the most talented footballers I've ever seen in a Saints shirt.
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    Cagey reacted to Wendy Saints in Stevie May   
    Did say Chris Commons has scored 26 so if he got player of the year for that ...can only presume Mr May is now top scorer! Trying to stay philosophical about the whole award one is saying Stevie May is the finished article but for someone to play for a team with the budget of Saints & score 27 goals is pretty amazing in anyone's book?! Let's be truthful how easy must it be for Commons with all the service he gets!? Not to mention refereeing decisions. Would like to know how many of his goals were penalties!? I'm not bitter!?!⚽️
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    Cagey reacted to MrBored in Stevie May   
    Robertson has had a great start to his career. However, if he had been a saints player and May a Utd one, May would have got the award....Robertson would also not have been capped for Scotland had it been the case.
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    Cagey reacted to Chinese Eskimo in Player contracts and transfers   
    Am I the only one not fussed about of lee croft stays or not? Has shown very little since Christmas and O'halloran seems a far better option. Substantial wage as well.
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    Cagey got a reaction from soupy76 in Promote The Final   
    Well done.
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    Cagey reacted to SaintJet in Sandy Jardine   
    Sad news. Us older Saints will remember Rangers when they were a great side with some genuine great players and Jardine was up there. These bunch of lying, cheating bastards who call themselves Rangers now should hang their heads in shame at the indignity they have heaped on old greats.
    RIP Sandy.
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    Cagey got a reaction from Wendy Saints in Promote The Final   
    Well done.
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    Cagey got a reaction from croc in Promote The Final   
    Well done.
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    Cagey reacted to rik2304 in Moyes Sacked   
    Ferguson knew that side was on its last legs and it would require massive rebuilding. He left at the right time. Shame for Moyes.
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    Cagey got a reaction from Shaggy Jenkins in James Dunne   
    Not a compliment.
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    Cagey reacted to Dr Christmas Jones in A Season Of Fitba Dreams.   
    You're a big soppy bollocks Gordon