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    Cagey reacted to Pat McGroin in Saints Summer 2020 Transfers & Contracts   
    Paul Hartley, John O’Neil... both capped after leaving Saints. 
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    Cagey got a reaction from Wendy Saints in The big COVID-19 Shutdown   
    From what I can find,£400 an hour for a QC & that was in 2003.
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    Cagey reacted to blueheaven in Saints Summer 2020 Transfers & Contracts   
    He wanted to give playing in England a go so he went for it - nothing wrong with that. I'd happily take Shaughnessy back if we were in need of a defender, but under the current circumstances I can't see it.
    As far as I can remember, every player from the Tommy era who Saints wanted to keep but decided to take a bigger contract elsewhere, went on to have a pretty bad time of it (and in many cases end up back with us). Craig, Swanson, O'Halloran, May etc. Other than Marcus Maddison, who never played for our first team, the last players I can think of who really went on to do significantly better for themselves are Jason Scotland and Stephen Dobbie.
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    Cagey got a reaction from south inch in The big COVID-19 Shutdown   
    If anything good comes out of this pandemic, hopefully it will be football, especially in England coming back into real world & stop paying players multi thousand pounds per week.
    I won't hold my breath.
    Have been watching a few games & without the atmosphere of the packed crowds the football looks average.
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    Cagey reacted to blueheaven in Taxi for Tommy?   
    I wonder how much money they're wasting on having Gordon Strachan as "technical director". Still, I'm sure it's been worth it to finish third in the Championship.
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    Cagey reacted to mainstand in Season Tickets   
    Yes, I just called the Office and they processed the refund,  those saying that Saints should have refunded the money automatically, no doubt thing Saints are sitting there with all the credit/debit card details, which is obviously not the case. 
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    Cagey reacted to blueheaven in Taxi for Tommy?   
    I wonder if there's any chance Tommy would be interested in taking Baraclough's old job and managing their Under-21s? Bit of a come-down and change in pace from what he's used to, but would be a foot in the door for him and something N.I.-based might suit him.
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    Cagey got a reaction from mainstand in Season Tickets   
    There's not a problem. Bev will see me ok.
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    Cagey reacted to Center Half in Taxi for Tommy?   
    I would suggest sit with his feet up for about 3/5 months/ then if he really wants to  get a £500 a gig on radio Scotland open all Mics and haver pish for a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon.  All IMO  .
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    Cagey got a reaction from HOODLUM65 in The big COVID-19 Shutdown   
    Thank you Doctor Sixties .
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    Cagey reacted to Pat McGroin in New Manager   
    Cleland won’t have signed a new contract, never mind one for less money. I’d imagine no more than a conversation has taken place between CD and AC. Explaining how he wants his coaching setup to run.
    We basically have 2 guys fulfilling that role, sharing the load and probably committing more time to other areas as a result. 
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    Cagey reacted to mainstand in Taxi for Tommy?   
    Ah so he has written it like fact but its only his opinion. Terrible would never see that on here would you @RandomGuy 
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    Cagey reacted to templeofsaints in League Reconstruction   
    Be interesting to see how they manage to spin paying compensation for a new manager while at the same time asking players to take wage cuts. As for Nielson - has to be one of the dumbest moves in ages.
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    Cagey got a reaction from HOODLUM65 in Dundee United Are Shite!   
    Hearts must think if he can get United out of championship he can get them up as well.
    6 figure sum plus a few grand for Shankland should see their Yank owner happy for a while.
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    Cagey reacted to sixties saintee in Exiles Poty   
    One is at McD; other is at Barrossa.
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    Cagey got a reaction from Johnny B in Exiles Poty   
    You are one. You don't stay in Scotland.
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    Cagey got a reaction from mainstand in New Manager   
    We can speculate all we like. It may be that there is nothing in the Macca story. It may be It may be Davidson doesn't get on with Clelland or vice versa.
    It may be Davidson wants a forward coach.
    One thing is sure SB will not pay wages he doesn't think justified.
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    Cagey got a reaction from Wendy Saints in New Manager   
    Looks like you called it Wendy.
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    Cagey got a reaction from south inch in League Reconstruction   
    Clubs are getting criticism for voting for self interest. Off course they are. Why would any Premiership team vote to lose £200,000 & face the prospect of 3 getting relegated next season.
    There are good reasons for the teams in the other leagues to vote in self interest.
    Off course Hearts are disrupting Scottish football & a democratic vote in the interest & integrity of Scottish football.
    They are being relegated because they were the worst team in the league & given all the opportunities they had to move up the league they couldn't do it.
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    Cagey reacted to mainstand in New Manager   
    Does he need a coach. Very difficult to see how he can justify increasing the coaching /backroom staff when the likelihood is there will be no reserve team football. 
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    Cagey reacted to sleepless in New Manager   
    the last time I felt this good about a managerial appointment was John Connolly...
    oh... wait...
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    Cagey reacted to sixties saintee in League Reconstruction   
    McCaan high on the list if stendel goes what are they on at Tynie. 
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    Cagey reacted to blueheaven in League Reconstruction   
    They're right about it being unfair though. Of course it's unfair - they've been relegated without getting to complete their season. But it's unfair on everyone. Hearts might have stayed up. Saints might have finished fifth. Sevco might have won the league. It's not as if Hearts have had to stop their season while everyone else has been allowed to carry on playing. The fact is their only proposed way out of the situation was a reconstruction that hardly anyone wanted, and as far as I can see the SPFL acted properly in putting that proposal to a vote of its members. I'm really not sure what else they could expect to happen.
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    Cagey got a reaction from McCarry One Nil in Saints Summer 2020 Transfers & Contracts   
    Steve is the big chief & that's the way it should be.
    The Browns have guided this club through some hard times & built a sustainable club that has been in top league for 10 years & maybe the only club that doesn't rely on gate receipts for survival.
    I would venture to say we are probably the most sustainable club in premiership. Hibs for example are cutting back their squad & wages & they are not alone.
    The communication & website are still shyte though.
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    Cagey reacted to TheYellowBox in New Manager   
    To be fair, it was Steve Brown himself that said that focus had been on restructuring etc.
    No harm in Saints taking the time. I suspect it's been known by Saints and the new manager for quite a while what the plan was. Equally, players will have been identified by current coaches and new manager.