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    i am a saintees fan travel home and away hardly miss a game
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  1. yeah i see dubbery and jody going to liverpool who prints that crap on wilkipedia
  2. who cares he is gash
  3. fuc king hell rugby park a 3rd time
  4. stevo-f-c-f


    scotland - sir alex ferguson
  5. the great doobs stats are terrible free transfer to wycombe and so far this season 1 clean sheet for his team now as i see the facts my opinion has growen stronger delete he was obviously released for being utter pish get him to F**K DUNDEE wouldnt take this pish doobs get to F**k sorry rant over i just assumed we tryed to Strengthen our defence come on rusty you and caff a better cb even gartland
  6. as i said what i saw on tv i pray to god he turns out great but i dont really see it i think he might be useful in certain aspects of the f.e coaching due to his vast experience but the phrase past it springs to mind for his on pitch ability. i was chatting to some wycombe fans that where saying they were excited when he signed for them until he played so imo get him on coaching staff would be great
  7. was not at the game so going with what i saw on tv imo he is pish f.e when goodwilie broke away on his own why did he stand still (lucky enough that play was deemed a foul) now imo we have 3 useless dudds doc, that *** and grampa doobs granted it was his debut and still could shine. i hope he does but cant see it (wycombe never wanted him) why should we take league 2 pish we are a top flight scottish football team
  8. all praising the doc. he is utter pish he plays as a striker and is paid to score goals imo drop him to Reserves until he starts to improve and also sheridan get him to f**k
  9. banned for life don't actually think he has been back either
  10. is it not the club that face punishment for the breach in security. i no in cl and el the club are fined for fans going on the pitch
  11. fair play to the polish and stewards at hampden for allowing us to stand even better that the **** where seated
  12. throwen out for speakin to someone in the upper teir absoulety disgraceful ended up in the boozer watching united beat city wont be wasting any more cash at tannadice
  13. lower stand i just got to remerber my flat mate an arab shall still sing and dance