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  1. Hopefully he's offski. We need change.
  2. MUZZ


    Smoke on that Wenger. SCFC
  3. Nail hit on head. It's journey men, loan deals or the unproven for us.
  4. I know a few to make that about 12.
  5. Soon be back in the First Division!!!
  6. I'm home already as I could no longer watch that. Terrible.
  7. MUZZ

    Imogen Thomas

    But why the need for the papers to print nonsense stories like this to sell papers?
  8. MUZZ

    Imogen Thomas

    Another sad sign of the times that the public has such great interest in 'stories' like this. Celebrity bollocks.
  9. Boltonsaint, you want a copy of the match on dvd? Selling a good few
  10. Only so much the club can do though. The set up in this country will continue to see attendances and the quality of football plummet. The attendances in these last two home matches could be well below 2000 fans. Where did it all go wrong?