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  1. Wallace Duffy released, not surprising and hopefully he has more luck at his next club. Thrown in at the deep end with us and he never looked ready.
  2. What an incredibly dull team we are, horrendous to watch. Kane is a joke of a player, this argument about him doing work off the ball is nonsense he’s awful.
  3. My season ticket came through the door yesterday and they still havn't been in touch to arrange finance...
  4. Tommy must be tearing his hair out, it makes sense now why he takes these issues to the press. Total incompetence from the club, I really fear for the future with these amateurs running things.
  5. At which point Drey's agent will no doubt have sorted him a better deal elsewhere, we really need to learn to take a risk once in a while, it's becoming mind numbing listening to the clubs strategy on player contracts.
  6. A GS Brown billboard in Pittodrie should be sufficient for bulletproof
  7. I don't know why we're so public with the need to move players on, if I was a player like Callachan, would I take a wage cut moving to a lower league side like Raith or hang around knowing the club needs rid of me and wait for a pay off? We peddle this line in the press every single window, we normally sign someone regardless, it just seems to weaken our position.
  8. I can believe that, when we played them in the league cup we dominated and should have been well ahead at half time, we also should have won in Dingwall and would have if we had taken our chances (penalties, Kane, etc...)
  9. You can't rule County out, we could be above them in 6 days..
  10. Stevie has got to be given the chance to play in a front two, taking him off 7 minutes after giving him a striking partner yesterday was bizarre. The change in formation is why we improved, it wasn't because May went off as some people seem desperate to point out.
  11. I'm sure we beat them in the league cup in 2010/11 season
  12. Hendry is 4 years younger and has looked far more composed in front of goal when he's played. Don't think it's fair to say he's on a par with Kane. Kane's had his chance, he's missed it, (sound familiar?) time to move on and give Hendry the chance Kane got
  13. A win here and a lot of people will breath a big sigh of relief.. I don't think we're in danger this season but it would be nice to get the first win and kick on, county away next weekend will be a lot more enjoyable with a win under our belt! Motherwell are much better this season, but last weeks result shows they're not as good as the recent hype has suggested. We can't concede first..
  14. Tommy should stick the comments Gerrard made last season on the changing room wall... 'We shouldn't have to work hard to win at places like this'