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  1. Video on social media,saying last seasons number is smashed
  2. just a vicious rumour
  3. Mikey turned down better terms to stay here, great loyalty
  4. Jason Naismith freed by County, can play rwb or cb, similar to Roooooney
  5. Kante and Thiago are tiny, so Ali would be fine
  6. Harry Cochrane been freed,looks like our type of signing tbh,can’t believe he’ll have lost it so soon
  7. Walker MCCall ,we paid £30 grand for him,and he got fecked after less than 2 games, Allan Kernaghan was still so. classy
  8. Took4 attempts for me last week,” no event found” message 3 times
  9. That’ll be postage etc Royster, please keep up,
  10. It’s the head to head with the two teams
  11. Jason Kerr quoted in several papers that he wants to stay at Saints
  12. It’s guaranteed,if we progress minimum of £5 million
  13. See if Guidi was on comma last week, you’d have known it was T W E L V E 30 kick off
  14. Skippers goal saving challenge, well played Saints
  15. He’s cuptied,played for sheep at Dumbarton