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  1. David Keltjens was mom for me, looks a great player
  2. The beeb had a black guy headering for the penalty! I rest my case , though they’ve corrected it from last night now
  3. He had ONE 1 on 1all night, but dropped an easy cross, and our skipper got him out of jail
  4. You still on board then? After Dingwall you told the world you were done!
  5. Why has it taken him so long to let the players play? Look good all over the park, playing decent football
  6. You’ve packed in though, so why are you bothered?
  7. All as bad as the rest of them, but I don’t go the the huff with the team, a very bad day at the office
  8. So you out your huff with the team then?
  9. Two good guys,and I’m sure they’ll be a huge credit to the club
  10. dave mc

    Theo Bair

    Who else are you talking about?
  11. As I said WHAT LITTLE IVE SEEN,Sam looks as least as good as Smith,and he’s our player
  12. What little we’ve seen,Sam looks at least as good as Smith imo
  13. Kerr Smith looks miles off it, as did Dare at fb, which hasn’t been his position in his career