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  1. Was fine, a couple of misjudged moments, a few experienced moments using his strength, McCart was outstanding
  2. I didn’t have either,but got one by putting in date of injection,and it went very smoothly
  3. McPherson dislocated shoulder last night, a big blow for the boy
  4. Aiden Fitzpatrick freed by Norwich,was on trial with us in summer
  5. Tbf your stewards were asking at the gate,home or away,I swithered,but said away,he said that’s ok then,my granddaughter was worried we’d get punted
  6. Went for Muzz,but thought our skipper was outstanding
  7. It’s a H&S situation,too many seats to get repaired on time,and we can’t sell a seat if it’s damaged,as that breaches so many rules,not much club can do,it’s out with their hands
  8. I got an email saying they’re on sale
  9. Pay at gate is finished now