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  1. White cuffs and collar, be like the 60's
  2. dave mc

    Season Tickets

    I’ve bought mine,but I think if we sell 2000,unlikely probably,we could have 500 in each stand quite easily,with isolation in place ,and no away fans
  3. Third with an asterisk at that
  4. dave mc

    New Manager

    Callum on sportsound just now,saying he likes 5-3-2,talking up his 3 young cb’s,wants another system as well. Macca mentioned,but it’s not confirmed yet,and didn’t want to talk of it,but looks certain.Got funds for 2 or 3 new signings
  5. Some fare fae Millwall,Broon would nae pay that
  6. Don’t think they cheered iirc
  7. dave mc

    New Manager

    Mrs Rowett?.
  8. I pay my money,I’ll moan if I want to,don’t need happy clappers telling me different,John,stick to music
  9. dave mc

    New Manager

    Much better Saints coverage since the bold Aidan got the gig
  10. dave mc

    New Manager

    Depends who he’s speaking about, he’s surprised at the calibre of applicants,doesn’t come across any other way to me
  11. dave mc

    New Manager

    The Courier saying SB getting stuck into the manager picking,not been advertised,but a lot of excellent applications ,hoping it’ll be sooner rather than later
  12. Worried some heads will be turned,think it’s 200 tickets for away games,already doesn’t work in the petrofac cup with crowds,so it’s a no from me