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  1. dave mc

    New Manager

    A wee rumour it’s been settled,but not announced due to pandemic , any one else heard?
  2. dave mc


    There is a totally plastic pitch in Russia, England played on it, and a few British teams in Euro comps too
  3. dave mc


    I wouldn’t as he’s talking nonsense, the one in Russia is the only true plastic pitch, the others are all hybrids, which consist of over 90% real grass
  4. dave mc

    New Manager

    Aye, that’s worked a treat,won the same as us, whilst spending millions, poor analogy imo
  5. dave mc

    New Manager

    Yeh left for Aberdeen on the back of doing so well at Arbroath,hope you and yours are doing ok
  6. dave mc

    New Manager

    Sheerin would be my choice,had Arbroath playing great football,but Callum is more likely,and is a good fit imo
  7. Peter Lovenkrands and Dino getting linked now,
  8. I got an email from club today thanks
  9. dave mc

    New Manager

    He’s already said he’s not wanting it
  10. dave mc

    New Manager

    Callum already quoted as not wanting it
  11. A friend sticking up for a friend then,not the club,there’s a good article by local journo Matty Gallagher in the pa/ record
  12. Robert Thompson is a friend of TW,and a Saints fan,so he gets most of his news from the horses mouth
  13. dave mc


    The skipper was on sky,saying he never seen it coming,but wanted a signal man in charge
  14. dave mc

    New Manager

    He said in a previous interview that Callum would be his successor
  15. dave mc

    New Manager

    Sheerin or Jones