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  1. Excellent read, the writer is on “view from the terrace” tv show,which tends to be a good watch
  2. As you say BH,a great return,and probably deserved more from some of the draws,I’m enjoying our football this season,albeit from tv,but we’re more proactive and attractive imo
  3. No failures ,but Liam Craig was outstanding
  4. The players have responded to Callum’s tactics,and it’s a pleasure to watch them,only wish it was in person
  5. Great performance,Mikey will get the deserved plaudits,but Liam Craig was outstanding,and no failures at all.
  6. Spoony sleeping at the equaliser,miles off his man
  7. Good point,and performance imo,Spoony with a great finish,but sleeping at equaliser,yards off his man ,two Young’s Macs were great,back 3 did fine two
  8. Too soft too often, puts in decent crosses, but a bit limp imo
  9. Thought I read 4,000 fans,so hoping it’ll mean season ticket holders will get in soon,although travel from some areas will be banned
  10. Not if ref deals with it,only if left unpunished,lucky boy just to get yellow
  11. Spoony has been poor since Hamilton,too many bad choices,short passes,lost possessions,but Callum has little options out there,so is almost a certain starter
  12. Great today,but Ali was even better
  13. Could’ve gone 3-5-2,taking Spoony/ Conway off and still had all the width needed,but an extra body in the box
  14. Just shaded it,but Kano has to hit the target from there,Spoony off form again,losing possession too often wrong decisions,hope he’d change the system at some point to push for the winner,probably would’ve taken a point at start,but yet again had good possession
  15. Mini Messi went for £3 million years ago,Ali is a more established player than he was,better than Mcarthur and McCarthy too really hope we don’t sell him cheap