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    smithy... big saints fan supported them all my life through the thick and thin from europe to division1 .....still the best team in scotland !
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    football st johnstone scotland
  1. Here at tul. All is good stream is playing well and on the first pint! Coys..
  2. Tulloch it is for me! Have the barossa got a link or channel from a tv station?
  3. good atmosphere then, reserving 3 seats! if they get the game... cannot wait, COYS!!!!
  4. Hopefully this goes ahead. I think the bar would do well, they could even try to get some pies for half time and make a few buck! Only thing is do you not need to be a member for the tulloch?
  5. Does Any body know who was on the bench or if we had any trailists ?
  6. A 4-5-1 formation or Spain's 4-6... Saving captain Murrays ideas for Thursday I see
  7. In Dunfermline just now it's dry and looks to fairing up, depending on how bad the pitch is I would say the game should be on...
  8. Heading down too, hopefully the weather improves and we get to see the players in action c'mon ye saints!!!
  9. yeah your right it might not even be the same player... but whoever signs for saints we will give them a chance. lomasexuals ***
  10. hasnt scored in club football since 2010... should fit in fine!
  11. Right enough, in that case hopefully hes a centre mid...
  12. Could it be eddy nelson addy? We looked at him back in march?