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  1. Shocking performance. Absolutely shocking. Dundee aren't exactly brilliant & they're taking the mick.
  2. Hi John, Hope you're well. Teamwork's account has been locked-out, hence his lack of posts on here. I sent Jamie a message about getting it unlocked, but haven't heard anything back. He's fine, though. We're going to the match together (somehow he managed to convince his wife to drive us thorugh!) & will be arriving in Perth on Friday. He's up for a beer on Friday night, so do you want me to point him in the direction of the Barossa? I think we'll be heading to the Times Sqaure pub pre-match as I think the plan is to park in central Glasgow. Not 100% sure, though. Hopefully see you at some point on Saturday.
  3. Hi Everyone, I won a pair of tickets for the Jock Stein lower (area 137), but don't need them as we've got tickets already. I'm willing to sell them for £40 (ono) for the pair. If anyone wants them please let me know. Cheers.
  4. I think it's really, really good. The closer we get to May 17 the more poignant it'll become. OK, it's not going to be sung on the terraces, but I'm sure loads of folk will be listening to this on the eve & morning of the final & 'have a moment'. It actually gets better the more you listen to it. Actually, it's brilliant.
  5. Out of interest I was just browsing some of the Aberdeen fans forums. They definitely do know now who Stevie May is.
  6. Just watching the game again. Stevie May is a different class. May pointing to Mackay to give him the ball, winning the header from the pass, getting the header back from Maclean, one touch & scores. That along with his work rate during the game, getting back to defend & all across the pitch the whole game, just brilliant. He's raised his value twice fold today, which can only benefit Saints when he leaves at the end of the season & good luck to him. It'd be brilliant for him to score the winning goal in the final before he leaves. A Saints legend now, that's for sure.
  7. We're actually gonna do it! Ya feckin dancer!
  8. Much better second half. We've been the better team by a mile & it was a cracking goal. We can do this now.
  9. You're right. The stream was missing a good performance as well!