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  1. Yeah that's what I meant. Need a bit of rum pre match to keep us warm though.
  2. Weather down Easter Road is ok. A very light covering of snow which seems to now be quite hard ice. Ref should be the only reason for the game being called off.
  3. Me and the old man heading to the Artisan. Chopper, bring your kit. Just seen on the news that the Portugese officials have just done an about turn!
  4. Kilgour, I would love a lift if possible. Have one of my best mates weddings today so not sure I would be in my fittest state to drive. Also live in the sunny side of town so if ok let me know.
  5. That train is fine for me. See you at the station.
  6. Open return on the train came in at £16. Train about 8.30 would be good and with an open return we can please ourselves coming back.
  7. Was hoping to make it along but going out at night so think I'll give the afternoon drink a miss!!!
  8. Sun's out in leith. Let's spoil their 'last day in the east stand' party.
  9. I'm up for the train. Sounds like you got a decent price!
  10. Will make the artisan for about 12. See you all there.
  11. Think I might be struggling to make this game. Save myself for utd cup game!!
  12. Going by car. Assume I will be picking up roy but will have other spaces to anyone that needs a lift.
  13. I'm in Dublin for the weekend too. My mate over there reckons it might be hard to get the game in the pubs. Pm me if you know a pub showing it. Cheers.