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  1. Let's hope the rout is against Utd, would hate to see us put 10 past Tam Scobbie after his penalty winner against Luzern.
  2. 3 home games in a row Gav, Tescos sure to be busy on Thursday night! You are on a roll on winning match threads, how about a new one for Thursday.
  3. Being played Thursday 20th August, live on Sky
  4. Available on utd TV for £12.50for both sets of fans but has to be bought through utd TV.
  5. Great, look forward to learning more.
  6. There was a murder in Buckie braes in 1935, remains unsolved I think, one for the historians.
  7. Motherwell under 16s no doubt if only 1 nil.
  8. Eh, is she no cooking your tea tonight!
  9. Get that now, my earliest memories of the Barracks was it was used as a car park.
  10. Is that where the City Mills Hotel was built?