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  1. Hearts tickets now on sale at same time as Livi so system seems to be able to handle at least 2 games at a time, Hopefully more.
  2. I suspect saints won’t sell home tickets for Hearts game until after Saturday. Hope there is a big saints support should be a great game under the floodlights, Need to pick up points from our next 2 to be breathing down their necks when we beat them.
  3. I thought we were only selling one league game at a time and Hearts momentum was going to bring a big support so saints went for that. If the ticket system was flexible enough surely they would have just put both games on sale. So don’t teally know why Livi getting paper tickets just guessing it’s because of the Hearts game .
  4. Livi fans getting a paper ticket from their ticket office for Saturday. That has allowed saints to start selling tickets to Hearts fans for the 27th. Hearts tickets went on sale on the 6th, loads sold already, family section near full and already more sold behind goal than Dundee brought. We have had some shit Hearts supports st MCD but looks like theee could be close to 3,000 broken hearts this time.
  5. Fantastic more silverware to come
  6. Injured ankle in first Championship game start, hope it’s not too serious.
  7. 5,097 at the game, must be close to 4,000 saints fans yesterday, great to see the East Stand so busy. Quality throughout the squad and it looks like the support is starting to believe there’s more to come from this team.
  8. About 800 in North Stand, few hundred in family section of main. Saints support out in big numbers, East and Main both very busy. Big increase down the FCU end, atmosphere will be great. Watching this one on Saints TV as cant make it down but none the less super excited. Great day for Liam to break the record, hope he gets a goal, will be a stick on for our penalty this afternoon.
  9. I thought they would bring a big support as well, but looks like there running scared of a trip to Taysides number 1. Not sure there not expecting a cash gate as only 6 to 700 behind the goal and a few hundred in the family main stand section. I hope sales pick up before tomorrow, as we need the money!!! Saints end looking pretty busy.
  10. Saturday 20th at 17.15 , **** v hibs Sunday 4pm, TV taking over the world.
  11. It’s a cup game I don’t know but could be $8 of that to saints.
  12. 320 extra seats sold in East Stand so far but may include a few from the Ormond don’t know what option the Ormond folk were given,