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  1. Surely a big fine and points reduction.
  2. Good to know but suspect non issue as saints will finish above Livi.
  3. The boys were back in town: Fleet 0 Pack 1
  4. 2 genuine chances of making Europe , hope Steve Brown has s big plane on standby.
  5. Only 4 games from lifting another trophy.Nobody will want to play us.
  6. Well done Callum, Manager of the month for March, brilliant.
  7. Great, glad saints getting some fans TV money out of it. Just hope Dundee don’t go bust before they hand it over.
  8. Does the cup tv money get split between the teams?
  9. Hearts not fit for SPFL next season without a new manager and huge player overhaul. Here’s hoping they have loads of players on long term contracts. Miss going to Tynecastle, fear going back will be for one season only.
  10. Livi and Sevco due at McD and either Aberdeen or Hibs for a third visit,
  11. I thought they were being sent out the week after the final, I must have missed something on dates.
  12. Not like you to be so subtle, very clever, suppose you railway guys will have a secret language all of your own. Is it true you track boys can’t get a good shunt without an old fluffer.
  13. Pretty sure it is Tony, just as well he’s no Tony the tank engine anymore!