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  1. 2,600 spot on, East now 1,924, Main 597 # and Ormond 81 = 2,602. Add in padded unknown and I think Hospitality holds about 200 we are getting closer and closer to 3,000 mark. # one of the main stand sections jumped by about 60 which is strange, as all other main stand sections up about 20 in total since last count. I suspect there will be a few more shifted before kick off.
  2. At leading 6 home games min 5,000 each = 30,000 bring on the group stages.
  3. Queen of the South was the furthest we travelled in 1978, although we also enjoyed trips to Berwick and clyde
  4. When do they fly out? Is there a send off planned?
  5. Middleton not in Rangers squad today, time to come home Glenn.
  6. Great I thought it was a done deal but all gone quiet, Callum thought he had 2 in the bag by the end of last week, wonder who the other one is.
  7. It’s much more fun counting the dots although Cup final malt arriving tomorrow or Saturday so might not be able!
  8. Sales buzzing ahead, just a handful shy of 2,400 now between East and Main. Great to see the support getting behind the team. By the time we kick off at home we could be near double last years sales, great to see saints getting their act together after the cup wins.
  9. You’ll not have Steve Brown sitting on your shoulder keeping you in check so you can be yourself, watch you dinnae get lifted!
  10. Loads of Galatasaray fans made it into PSV game in Holland, not sure many will want to be in Perth after they get pumped by the double cup winning saintees in Istanbul.
  11. This is great, another 60 sold since last Sunday, East has gone through 1,800 at 1,815 and Main now 486 that’s 2,301. A lot more sold down the away end of the East so hoping for a much noisier atmosphere.
  12. That’s not so good TS hope you are feeling better soon.
  13. Prefer your early morning posts before you get a wee bit tired!