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  1. Let's hope the rout is against Utd, would hate to see us put 10 past Tam Scobbie after his penalty winner against Luzern.
  2. 3 home games in a row Gav, Tescos sure to be busy on Thursday night! You are on a roll on winning match threads, how about a new one for Thursday.
  3. Being played Thursday 20th August, live on Sky
  4. Available on utd TV for £12.50for both sets of fans but has to be bought through utd TV.
  5. Great, look forward to learning more.
  6. There was a murder in Buckie braes in 1935, remains unsolved I think, one for the historians.
  7. Motherwell under 16s no doubt if only 1 nil.
  8. Eh, is she no cooking your tea tonight!
  9. Get that now, my earliest memories of the Barracks was it was used as a car park.
  10. Is that where the City Mills Hotel was built?
  11. If AC was getting the gig surely he would have been appointed already. Saints managers job will cost saints over 10k a month, that's a lot but the position is crucial to a successful team. I would be disappointed if the new manager was not in place by the end of next week.
  12. Celtic stating it is for season ticket holders only and if you have already bought one it will be included already and will remain in place while social distancing measures remain. Hope saints make it clear how this will work, could be tempted but would want to watch it on my telly not on my iPhone.
  13. Add Wright and Butcher to this and a decent manager and I think we can look out our passports again
  14. 6 month contracts to allow the next manager time to assess if they have a future at saints, which indicates Clelland won't be getting the top job however the upside is Davidson and Wright don't seem to be in the same boat and hopefully the club are doing everything they can to get those 2 home.
  15. Callum Booth also in the contracts being negotiated group along with Davidson Craig, Wright and Kane. Mixed feelings about Kane but maybe worth keeping if the price is right. If we can keep the other 4 that puts us in a great position already for the new season whenever that is.
  16. Don't know how old he is/was, age may have had something to do with decision to keep it.
  17. I won a signed cup squad top in the raffle at the Tradeston ex serviceman club at lunchtime before the final, came off the stage and handed it to a bairn that was on one of our buses. Glad she has it but didn't half regret being so stupid.
  18. Hope he gets it, would be great for super Ali.
  19. I think the guy you are thinking of is SIR THOMAS WRIGHT