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  1. Guillaume Beuzelin, assistant at Hamilton he is foreign and knows the Scottish game, perfect.
  2. Shame cant go out tonite to celebrate this. Think he just knew his luck was about to run out and wanted to give the fans a break from his brutalist football
  3. Grinding out a 1-0 at home to Livi playing Brutalist football is quite an achievement, you are correct.
  4. Managed to last a whole 6 minutes without conceding, can see why Tommy is worshipped on here so much. Two up front is too attacking against Celtic for a manager like Tommy, even lower league teams seem to do better against Celtic than we do. Booth and Tanser seemed to be competing to see who could defend the worst.
  5. McCann looks crap now he has signed a 3 half year contract, dwelt on the ball passed everything backward. Solid defensively, freshen up the attack in the transfer window and i think we could grind out a fair few victories.
  6. Yet another result are season won't be judged by as Tommy will apparently turn it around.
  7. They will have a F1 Simulator too, the golf game looks a bit dated though judging by their Facebook page.
  8. Kane was brutal as a lone front man, but was fine when playing with May. When we go behind we struggle badly to create clear cut chances. Prefer Duffy to Foster looks raw though.
  9. Nor by getting beat by Forfar, Ross County, Montrose or Inverness, or the brutalist football we play. #sarcasm
  10. Matt Allwright from Housing Enforcers spotted in town to day doing filming on the High Street, anyone know about it, or when it's on TV? Might of just hallucinated it as do smoke a lot of weed.
  11. Great post, cos we are really banging then in at the moment, then Tommy goes and tries to sign yet another attacking player, Grrrrr
  12. Thanks, will give one of the two a try.
  13. Anyone know a bar in Perth where I can watch the game that wont be very busy as I don't like people?
  14. HAHA, pay to watch junior football, you must be outta your mind.