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  1. Derek Mcinnes And Docherty Werent Willing To Say Anything About Why He Was There *** But I Will Certainly Pick At Them During the Week And See What I Can Find Out
  2. Also Neil Mcann Was Training With The Saints Squad Today, Just Wondering If Any1 Would Have Any Other News On That 1?
  3. Looking At The Pic That Could Well Be The Man Looked Alright In Training Today See What Hapens With Him Though
  4. If any1 Can Find A Phonto Of Any Of These Names I Will Recognise The Face
  5. I Googled The Name ANd Says He Is A Defender *** I Shall Find Out tomoro Morning If I Havent Found him Before
  6. There was a new goalkeeper training with saints today but i did not find out his name rather tall lad with a skin head
  7. Anyone know prices for the game? ***
  8. Amyone getting the train through to dundee??
  9. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=170393670999&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT Got a kids quad for sale on ebay hoping to sell it, i am in perth hope some1 can give it a home, i have atached the URL to ebay soo you can all have a look thanks.
  10. What a shame rangers getting beat Rangers getting humped 4-1 twice in a row in europe who cares? The fans were throwing season tickets on the pitch before leving there own fans said on sky they wouldnt go back and that they are a dissapointment why are we to be bothered?
  11. Thats exactly how i see it ? The Police dont give a fu*k about the supporters as long as they get the money they dnt care bout anyone else!! think of the money that saints got charged for all they (unneccesery) police officers that are out to ruin what was meant to be a good occasion? Well said aincientsaint at least some1 can see that more money goes towards them than really needed
  12. If more money was spent on the team rather than the police and stewards think how many players we cud afford :L But really geoff browns time has passed he thinks the fans are gonna try a riot with any team that comes to perth and the police always steam in for no reason at all
  13. maybe the best thing for the racist chantimg may be to speak to the club ? Surely Perths finest wud have us charged soo why no c*nt else ?
  14. This will never work yuu do realise that ? The stewards and the scum will not allow standing as per usual and to be honest as soon as the score doesnt go out way the fans all decide to quiten down soo really no point is there yuu lot should know that by now
  15. what if we try and get the same for the clyde away game ? Try get folk to fire down to that Make an exciting day of it ?
  16. you gonna dress up aswell muzz are ya ?
  17. We have recently been in touch with St Johnstone they are willing to donate items for the raffle. We are looking for others to help create the atmosphere by dressing up in funny outfits. its all in the name of fun and for charity
  18. So far we have a few people helping, Sure we could find a few folk to do waxing etc.. We will phone the likes of Noah's are about go Karting and places about paint balling etc.. Other suggestions welcome or anyone willing to take part in an event or a different event idea would be good also
  19. Looking more along the lines of Fancy dress days and things to raise money for the charity
  20. Were planning on doing a charity night in aid of Cystic Fibrosis, And a number of fundraising events leading upto the night. We were thinking of doing fundraising fancy dress day for an away game, Aswell as other events and we were looking from some suggestions from members as to what they think would be good ideas to raise money for the cause? Any help would be appreciated Thanks:)