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  1. I'm torn. I'd love to see the championship next year with both Edinburgh sides and Sevco, but I really don't want Hamilton back up (for monetary reasons). Tough.
  2. Silverware, 3 consecutive European trips. This generation is up there. Regardless of anything else, they've achieved what no other Saints team has ever done.
  3. Long may he reign. Total gentleman, and has the club playing some wonderful football with wonderful spirit- but we have also have a gritty backbone to add to the flair we get from the likes of Spoony (an inspired signing btw) and May.
  4. The Herald's write-up was so, so different as well, which was a huge surprise to me. Haven't seen any others mind you. When even the pundits on Sportscene bend over backwards to compliment us it should ring alarm bells for guys like this journo, surely.
  5. That may be the wankiest thing I've ever read.
  6. I could write an essay about my emotions right now but it wouldn't be enough to express them. I'm still in shock. Take a bow Ando. Not many deserve that trophy more than you. Legend. We've done it. It's ours. It's theirs.
  7. Hey folks, late to the party but I've a ticket sorted. Any room on bus 3 for a wee yin?
  8. Daft, flimsy shoes that look daft. Typically soughtafter by 13 year old girls and daft wee laddies with floppy hair and bad taste in music.
  9. Let's all grow up here. Jumping on seats is stupid. Using pyrotechnics when the club has asked you not to is stupid. Running onto the pitch is stupid. It makes us all look bad, and it's in nobody's interest to damage seats - intentionally or not. Setting off pyrotechnics and running onto the pitch - both strictly, strictly prohibited by UEFA - is incredibly stupid and only makes our club look bad and risks costing our club money through fines. No sympathy whatsoever from me.
  10. Gotta love aan optimist! Assuming bus will be parked where it was last time round aye?
  11. Similar here. Soon as I mention I'm a Saints fan people are quick to praise our efforts. Brilliant stuff!
  12. Top marks for this Stu. Thanks very much - lifesaver!