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  1. Hopeless at this pm stuff on iPad, quite happy to give you my address here, 11 Annat Rd, Gannochy, Perth
  2. I will take the ticket if u still have it, sorry the PM is acting up.
  3. Great news the drum is going, have envied the Motherwell fans for years as there small band of supporters with the drum make a fantastic noise and atmosphere
  4. Tarzan

    Peter Pawlett

    Disgusted by the fans boos last night, he gave his all for Saints, wasn't his fault grandpa boron wanted him back !!!
  5. Chelsea player sent of for kicking ball boy !!!!!!!!!
  6. Shame we could not get him now, very impressed with him today.
  7. Bridgend all spruced up, looking great, opening soon, happy memories
  8. You are an arsehole, saint pomarium, Nae feelings
  9. Sitting praying Saints game goes ahead, not looking good tho
  10. Brilliant videos, well done, look forward to these every week
  11. Blockbusters to close, big sale on
  12. Skyfall last night, great film, don't usually like Bond but my grandson wanted to go but I thoroughly enjoyed it