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  1. saintbear

    Betfred Cup

    The Caledonian bar is running a bus to Forfar away any one interested contact David 01738 628 120
  2. No competition because nobody wants the little runt
  3. saintbear

    HAPPY MAY 17!

    Wil never be surpassed in football terms ,but the whole buzz and day around the semi v dons was as close as you'll get my wee bud left to sit out side near end of game couldn't watch it
  4. Hi Al 

    its bear here, I'm looking into next season myself and Laura have bought the Caledonian bar in Perth  high st

    and wondered if your fixed up for next season or we could help each other 

    we could get the pitch  inch fees covered  food and some sort of sponsorship

    we will have b t sports  serve food  and hope to have a free mini bus for home games 

    if we can help you guys get in touch




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    2. Al C

      Al C

      Sorry Bear, just getting this now.

      I'm not really involved with PSJ now to be honest. A guy called Graeme Doig is running it. He's on here as well; I'll check what his user name is and let you know. His mobile number is 07999544549 as well.

      Don't think they have a pub or sponsorship just now so hopefully can sort something. Good luck with it all.



    3. Al C

      Al C

      Graeme's name on here is GeeDee76. Cheers. 

    4. saintbear
  5. Spot on Andy Not the first nor last,bigger and better have done the same Vaduka,Cantona,Tevez all great players But all utter mind game experts
  6. LAUGH OUT LOUD what was the game like,
  7. I very much support the young guys FCU, this is the future and to be honest before they came along it was like watching football in a library now on to today's events to keep a wee eye on my young lad I walked up from town with them today no probes at all great craic with Dundee police then with @20 mins to go the stewards on the stairs were with in kissing distance of young boys that close they were totally in there faces that's when the atmosphere changed because a guy was standing on a seat nothing broken today OH Saints have we not been here before ala celtic it was plain to see police bottled it that day as did the stewards and saints as a club and for the steward to barg into the section no wonder he got a reaction all watched by the some fathers at back of stand loved how the nazi in charge would tell his storm troopers who to remove then go and hide (utter shit bag of a man) so today police brand new and Saints you got what u wanted and the stewards done your dirty work AS THE GREEN BRIGADE CHANT HEAVY HANDS EMPTY SEATS...
  8. My son Shay used to play pro youth but gave it up (falling asleep mon in class didn't help) had his first fight Forza Edinburgh last year after a couple of cancellations he has a big fight coming up in Edinburgh end of month cage fighting is a tough sport but very rewarding and amazing spectator sport if any one fancies taking up the sport train at ice factory mon wed night 7-830 and for fighters a more intense training sat on build up to up coming fights good luck to Drew Artur and Shay
  9. Darren Bickett one of my best ever muckers still miss you big man still have his mobile number on my phone can't delete it gonna give Hamilton a miss wont be or mean the same this time round,thinking about taking a bus to a Forres game before end of season
  10. Oh dear HSF, not really true have you been listening to rumours was on same train as @ 30 young team on arriving at Inverness station wee group of caley youth indicated they were game for it but didn't have enough on clearing off they shouted see you after game as they did statement about these guys that are not true will give them a bad name what about the food bank collection
  11. These are the breaks but nearly always playing the forces of darkness and evil we seem to suffer ,it's getting boring
  12. Was really pissed off after last Celtic game at home wrote to club im going to post on here my letter to club and there response you could not make it up and again the same has happened 1.....stewards are utter shit bags unless it's the young ones 2....police are utter shitbags 3... Saints as a club well least said the better heavy hands empty seats
  13. Not the usual excitement around the coags visit,lucky if we get 4000.hope we're not being charitable to another team at the bottom ala ICT Killie now them
  14. Watched the Bayer game' now celto game both had two/three drums what a atmosphere they created what's your thoughts
  15. Respect for Kathleen banner yesterday,