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  1. Think you'll find since 2014, and particularly this summer, they have done very ****ing well at curbing expectations.
  2. Would be absolute peak St Johnstone for us to shitfest a 1-0 win here, after signing **** all
  3. But they never had the £20 in the first place. Just wait till they find out about tax and NI. Did you invest thousands on the premise that your boy would get free lunches? Hopefully the new owner/whoever it is in Chattanooga (?) will invest in sandwiches for the young team otherwise he'll have you at the door to answer.
  4. This quickly turns in to a negative though, when he consistently fails to score. I don't want to be just constantly slating the guy but it's clear he's not good enough as a striker at this level. Just trying hard isn't going to cut it.
  5. If they train five days a week that's £1 a lunch. Cheaper than mine, lucky bastards
  6. And a complete lack of ability to put the ball in the ****ing goal
  7. Celtic Rangers Aberdeen Hibs Motherwell Hearts Killie Ross County St Johnstone Livingston St Mirren Hamilton
  8. Could be doing better though? Or would we be happy being Hamilton, toddling along finishing 10th/11th, because we've been in the second tier before so should automatically be happy with anything above that?
  9. Working till 1330 then heading along, will no doubt grab a couple of pints on the way. Billy nae mates that I am
  10. Think there is enough interest to get this off the ground, does anyone know a saints-friendly pub in Aberdeen? Or indeed a local pub that we can make our own?
  11. Right, I'm now back up in Aberdeen for at least a couple of months. Anyone fancy a pint? #northeastsaints #granitesainties
  12. Undoubtedly post of the year.
  13. Any appeal would completely undermine any punishment handed to the pair. And I would doubt they'd be allowed to play while suspended by the club anyway.
  14. deej

    Accies away!

    Exactly. Heat of the moment incident. Neither is "too big" for us. Neither think they are too big for St Johnstone. Yes this was embarrassing. Will we forget about it if we win on Wednesday? ****ing right we will. St Johnstone is the priority. Then now and always.