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  1. Rename the North the Wright end - imagine the commentating on an own goal - "he's scored at the wrong end" "you mean the Wright end" "what"
  2. Just had another look there - they didn't highlight it post match, but did show a replay during the game and the commentator questioned whether it should have been a penalty.
  3. Also, how weird does May 18 look written down? It's just not right #May17
  4. Relegated when we won the cup - I had a look at the back of some of the posters etc. from May 18 recently, and the build up is about the semi final. Had a chuckle when I realised that a piss poor Hamilton only just overcame Falkirk then pumped Hibs at Easter Road
  5. I'm in.. even later than the BBC were
  6. deej

    Dave Mackay

    FWIW, Mackay has admitted himself he grew up a Rangers fan.
  7. Unlucky, I opened it up earlier and won an iPad!
  8. Agree Easton was pretty poor but Alston did alright in the second half at least, and Swanson couldn't get any kind of form as anytime he got the ball he was brought down.
  9. Loved how he spouted the shite about applauding a cross, and the guy on the radio post-match asked if he thought the referee would buy his story
  10. deej

    Dave Mackay

    I believe it's called 'a stupid f*cking go-pro'
  11. Didn't Wright say it wouldn't be Maclean, as he just plays the captain role anyway?
  12. 4th can't really blame him, Christie has shaped to put it in the far corner and Mannus has just fallen for it.
  13. 1. Celtic 2. Aberdeen 3. Sevco 4. County 5. Saints 6. Hearts 7. Motherwell 8. Partick 9. ICT 10. Hamilton 11. Dundee 12. Killie
  14. Disgusting prices. I'll watch on the telly instead of going.
  15. Sure Guidetti 'slipped' at tynecastle a few years back and got away with it as he wasn't visibly claiming for a penalty.. Despite the fact he won a penalty by going over with no contact, he wasnt banned.
  16. It will 100% be the Sevco game on telly
  17. Can't find the edit button - change first scorer to Coulson
  18. Following on from my hugely successful attempt at offering a lift to the Falkirk game, thought I'd give this a go. I'm driving down to the Brechin game from Aberdeen if anyone needs/wants a lift, leaving city centre at about 18.30