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  1. Had to agree with him as well - if this was against Celtic or the Rangers would they have been given quite so easily?
  2. Fair enough - I suppose there's a difference between not celebrating wildly, and apologising for doing your job
  3. Pretty sure he loves Falkirk, so if he scores, 99.9% chance he won't celebrate.
  4. Hopefully the wife has the same view then
  5. And with his voice he could still instruct the folk at the college
  6. I found it.. Their logo isn't shit
  7. Quite happy with it as it has saved me £40
  8. deej

    New website

    You can do that at Crieff Golf Club as well. Crieff!
  9. deej

    Season 2016/17

    Seems like Partick and Motherwell have a few complaints about the fixtures, ours look ok though.
  10. Germany and Poland in the final - 50/1 Spain win with Lewandoski top scorer - 125/1 Germany win and Griezmann top scorer - 40/1 Loose change on each
  11. deej

    Italy v Scotland

    Scotland were playing?
  12. Mannus to end Conor Macgregors UFC career in his debut fight.
  13. deej

    Betfred Cup

    Yeah it's Inverurie theyll be playing at, not been there either
  14. I've got a feeling he'd play in midfield somewhere
  15. deej

    Betfred Cup

    Saints Dumbarton 3 from Peterhead/Elgin/Montrose/Cove I've been to the rest of the grounds so this group would possibly give me 2 more
  16. deej

    Season Tickets

    The prices are up in the tickets and admission section, looks like they've just forgotten to add it on to the article.
  17. deej

    Season Tickets

    How much were they last year? I didn't get one, and didn't think to bookmark last years page in case I needed it to reference this year
  18. deej

    Season Tickets

    Details out now - prices frozen, £15 optional top up for Scottish Cup home games, the 2 sectional League Cup games are included. The page does not however, say how much they actually cost..
  19. Tweeted about it a while ago - 100 being made, all sold out now
  20. Certainly rises to the occasion late on
  21. Could get even better if he's allowed to stay up late and watch his goal on Sportscene
  22. Good to see us finishing the season how we started... Goals goals goals. This to finish 7-6, Swanson hattrick and juanma injured after a swan dive over nobody