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  1. Think we're all being a bit disrespectful here. To c*nts.
  2. When his eyes stopped working properly.
  3. Rule is leaving the field of play without refs permission = yellow card. Keeper won't have deliberately taken the ball outside the box, but he did deliberately handle the ball, and he was outside the box. Both should have been booked.
  4. Definitely wasn't Spoony then was it
  5. Think we all know to blame Scobbie for that
  6. As long as it's not a team of McKays'
  7. Have to disagree as too many folk already confuse (Dave) Mackay with (Brad) McKay so adding another McKay would just push me over the edge
  8. Mind and chalk it thoroughly first, absolute nightmare if you miscue it
  9. Alex McLeish leaves his club in Africa, Zamalek, after 10 games and 65 days. 4th manager to leave them this season, looks like the Egyptian Leeds.
  10. deej

    Song Lyrics

    I believe the song you are looking for is fairly simple. .. it goes Saint Johnstone, Na Na Naa, Saint Johnstone, Na Na Naaa
  11. A team in Perth known as the Saints Often like watching the drying of paint Though some days in Perth It's like heaven on earth Just thank goodness - Dundee we ain't
  12. There's prize money yeah, but don't think it outweighs having to charter a plane to whatsitstan at a weeks notice.
  13. deej

    Ched Evans

    I'll be honest, I just searched Ched Evans and didn't even realise it was in Saints Chat - maybe Fitba Chat more appropriate as I agree, no chance of him coming to saints.
  14. deej

    Ched Evans

    Appeal successful - now faces a retrial.
  15. Scottish Cup winner Chris Iwelumo is a hero
  16. Over to Northern Ireland again?
  17. At least we still have one
  18. Is it not part of season tickets terms and conditions that they can be moved in the event of a larger than normal travelling support?
  19. deej

    Top Six

    For what its worth on my Football manager save they eventually get promoted next season, then proceed to finish 12th the season after.. While the Rangers don't finish above 5th for the next few years
  20. Away over to WeAreCatalonia and cast your vote then
  21. Exiles Chat for this surely
  22. Whereas with the SFA we'll get Rangers, Third Lanark and St Johnstone
  23. Instead of just renting her out like usual?