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  1. his dad text me saying he didn't like the food at murray park, apparently prefers solid stuff but a lot of it has been liquidated
  2. deej

    Top Six

    Don't worry, having run some statistical analysis (I guessed all the results) we go into the split in 4th on 47 points, Dundee have 44 and Ross County sneak in on goal difference and 43 points having beaten Partick at home on the final pre-split game. Motherwell unfortunately miss out on 42 points, as do Inverness on 38.
  3. Macca scored the winner in this scenario. Without him adding the second the united goal would have made it 1-1
  4. Did they not win 2-1 though? So their second is the winner.. Especially as it was 1-1 then he scored.
  5. Certainly scored about 5 minutes into his return, think it was v Aberdeen as well.
  6. Or maybe he just wasn't happy about being taken off when his team were still chasing the game....???
  7. Think general consensus is Hearts were poor by their standards, but Saints were outstanding and didn't let Hearts play.
  8. Have it on good authority he wasn't scouting - he was in York, repeatedly ringing McNamara's doorbell then running away.
  9. This is one of the days that makes supporting our wee club all worth it. Lovely stuff.
  10. There you go, concrete proof it was never a penalty in a million years.
  11. Looked like a great challenge and a horrendous decision by the ref.
  12. Van Dijk was about 5 yards in the box when he took it, should have been retaken. Stevie May is god again
  13. Lennon apparently out of Bolton
  14. If we win 1-0 tonight, goals scored and conceded are identical to County
  15. deej

    Dear Tommy

    If there are mind and get there on time to see the first goal go in
  16. deej

    Dear Tommy

    That's the problem.. 3 months ago we were looking good for top 4, maybe even 3rd , and since then we have contrived to absolutely ****ing ruin it, no chance of top 3, doubtful even top six. I'm not one to say sack Tommy, but something needs to change as last night was completely unacceptable, devoid of any ideas, no spark, no urgency. As has been the case for the majority of the last 3 or 4 months.
  17. At half time, Partick were doing little drills between the group, pass and move, quick feet, then some stretching. Saints subs? Pair up, ping 50/60 yard passes to each other. Excellent.
  18. Thought Fisher played quite well tonight. Especially with zero help from those in front of him, put himself about a bit too. Maclean however, seems to be a sure fire way of taking the sting out of any attack. Holds the ball up until everyone has passed him, then gives it back to a defender. Shaughnessy was decent, Craig at least looked like he cared.
  19. Spineless. Gutless. Hopeless. Inept. No urgency. No passion. Utter shite. Sooner this season is over the better, big clearout needed.
  20. Think a county win is worst for us, in that they are above us and United have a bit more hope, hoping for a Killie win
  21. County 1-0 up at Kilmarnock, hopefully don't see it out. Hearts 0-0 ICT , difficult to know what to want from this game.. ICT win sees us level on points with them and 11 behind Hearts, Hearts win would leave us 14 behind them but still 3 up on thistle... All 3 on 27 games after tonight.