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  1. Wife bought me the yellow strip for my xmas wore it today great result
  2. Finally a stress free weekend, the dug has come out from under the sofa. Kinda early for a libation only 10am here but will later
  3. Well after ten years my shift at the clink ended, many a tear was shed by my mates as I left. was just thinking to myself my first job was a message laddie at Jackson the stationers in St John St when I was 13 so that's 68 years I have been gainfully employed. So full-time house husband from now on
  4. Especially without one of those !! beep beep beep things!!
  5. Ive been told to redd up after myself
  6. john.w

    Saints v Accies

    I thought there wisnae a game today
  7. has it got sausages in it? if so Hoodlum will eat it
  8. My wife my daughter took a 300km round trip over the tundra to the next town to xmas shop, they came back the wife says saints got beat eh.How can you tell I says one look at your miserable puss she says, or maybe a Canadian version of that saying
  9. I was royally pissed of by them too Tam, the dug hid undef the sofa
  10. hi how you doin, are you doon visiting the penguins. a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year from the other end