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  1. I was farting about on Facebook and lo and behold the game live, cheers to the saintee that made it possible
  2. Only mates I have the now, unfortunately their all behind a sliding door wie a wee slot to slide their stovies through
  3. was having a discussion wie a mate he was right
  4. For the Auld farts Where was the Oasis cafe back in the day Kinnoull St or South St
  5. Hate to see the state of some on here if we came back from Brechin wae the same scoreline as the Arabs
  6. They'd get banned if they went the young team route, their shorts halfway doon their bum crack
  7. Something my auld teachers didnae tell me, the Treaty of Perth July 2nd 1266 happened on Midsummer Saturday to. if it hanae happened the ugly sisters widnae have been a problem
  8. Yea Im doing fine just taking it easy, still following WAP daily not too much to say
  9. The luck of the clink strikes again, no Hoodlum magic
  10. Worked for Leslie printers had to deliver an order to officer's mess, stopped at the guardroom which is on the right to get directions a big RSM with a ginger moustache took me to the corner of said guardroom and pointed to a building at the other end of the square, so I jumps on my message bike and of I go I made it about halfway across square when my leisurely ride was interrupted by a foghorn blast of !!!You Boy get of my bloody square!! which I did rapidly much to the amusement of a bunch of squaddies double timing it round said square. After dropping of package at officers mess I think I may have saluted I made my exit round square to be met by RSM to be told if I came back here never cross the square.
  11. Canada is bilingual thats the French version