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  1. Where's the Finnish striker he get lost on the way over
  2. Wie the numbers being quoted in the press for Rooney and McCart then you see Hibs are telling Leeds they want 5 million for Doig WTF. Leeds should take a look at video of Rooney's goal in cup final and see said young lad flailing around in. Shauns slipstream Leeds will tell them to do one
  3. Got a laugh at the comments, sounds like a bunch of wifies shopping for new gear. Oh I don’t like this one I would like it wie a wee bit of Magenta to go wie my teal curtains or I think the yellow will clash wie the good tablecloth . Don’t let the better half’s read this thread you’ll be getting dragged round the shops to gie them fashion advice I’m only pulling your pissers lads
  4. When Saints kick of at McD on a Saturday at 3pm it is 8am where I am
  5. Guess I’m a day ahead
  6. Laughed at my wife when I was watching one of the Euros she told me !! turn that down I don't want to listen to that s<?@ as in English commentators!! Canadians don't say sh>?@
  7. john.w


    Glad I’m a Canadian or I would be really pissed off
  8. There was allotments on South Inch Terr ground was behind them
  9. Killie One shot on goal in 135 minutes of playoff fitba
  10. What a life going from standing at Muirton with big dreams as a laddie hoping saints progressed in the cup to being 81 years old and the Saints win cup double and fifth in the league and another cup 7 years ago unbelievable
  11. Almost fecked up again wae kickoff time, in this auld buggers head fitba Saturday 3pm been that way for a long time
  12. Never checked kickoff time so was in my scratcher, seems like I didn't miss much. Got fifth job done not hearing much from the wee ned