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  1. Lots of pressure after the changes but too late
  2. Gwion Edwards in demand presently at Ipswich Sunderland and Preston interested
  3. john.w

    Scottish Cup

    Any of the master tacticians on here figured out why Guy seems to get subbed fairly regular. I read somewhere him and Liam wernae too chuffed about getting subbed. No as if we were sitting with a comfortable lead only saying
  4. john.w

    Scottish Cup

    Charlie Adams should have kept yir mooth shut walloper
  5. john.w

    Scottish Cup

    Game was in Florida
  6. john.w

    Scottish Cup

    I’m no giving the soap dodgers 12 pound or $24
  7. Jeez Elgin and Formartine have got quite the treks for a midweek game, Ayr and Annan respectively
  8. Oh finally went into full retirement no more clink, I figured 81 years old had enough of this working shite
  9. Well that ended well, was watching the game as time went on and Gardyne and Vigurs came on defo squeaky bum time. But the start of another Saintee weekend in Tuktoyaktuk
  10. Thats the Morris I Was thinking about