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  1. They'd get banned if they went the young team route, their shorts halfway doon their bum crack
  2. Something my auld teachers didnae tell me, the Treaty of Perth July 2nd 1266 happened on Midsummer Saturday to. if it hanae happened the ugly sisters widnae have been a problem
  3. Yea Im doing fine just taking it easy, still following WAP daily not too much to say
  4. The luck of the clink strikes again, no Hoodlum magic
  5. Worked for Leslie printers had to deliver an order to officer's mess, stopped at the guardroom which is on the right to get directions a big RSM with a ginger moustache took me to the corner of said guardroom and pointed to a building at the other end of the square, so I jumps on my message bike and of I go I made it about halfway across square when my leisurely ride was interrupted by a foghorn blast of !!!You Boy get of my bloody square!! which I did rapidly much to the amusement of a bunch of squaddies double timing it round said square. After dropping of package at officers mess I think I may have saluted I made my exit round square to be met by RSM to be told if I came back here never cross the square.
  6. Canada is bilingual thats the French version
  7. john.w

    WAP being weird

    Fixed according to the wife she opened a new browser as I had safari all fecked up her words not mine
  8. john.w

    WAP being weird

    Have to send my mate that lives in Abernethy round to talk to you
  9. john.w

    WAP being weird

    I have no problem getting on with my IPad but when I try on my laptop I get the insecure server message.
  10. At first I thought it was Hays mart on Needless Rd but the more I looked at it the the road layout is wrong going by pavement on left side of picture. But I hasten to add if photograph was lightened op you would be able to see the truck entrance into the mart
  11. Scottish games off till at least April 3rd
  12. Thanks Roy I’m feeling real good and the result today was a good tonic
  13. Beeb a joke on live report Callums goal went fae a blast in to a bundlei in and the graphic they put uo when there a goal Hendry's goal had Kilmarnock's crest on it !!numpties!!
  14. No problems everything going as it should
  15. Let’s get 3 pts today I’ll probably find out the score from a hospital bed in Edmonton, I was having dizzy spells so they figure it’s a pacemaker for me. COYS
  16. Less of the auld yin I’ll set Tam on you