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  1. Setting off for Peebles in 30 minutes to meet up with the Edinburgh Saints
  2. So I guess they would pretend not to know each other if they met in the street. Still quite a coincidence for 34% of the club to be bought up in less than a week. Still, I believe that the moon is made of cheese.
  3. All contracts can be broken but it will cost money. King's purchase of shares has been reported to the Stock Exchange. He has been accused of acting with the "Three Bears". If the Stock Exchange agree they have enough shares that they are forced to make an offer to buy enough shares to control the club. I am not sure if that is 51% or 100%, but I think they have to offer it to all existing shareholders. They also can't offer to buy them cheap. I don't think the Stock Exchange care about the "We are the People" argument. Only money will matter
  4. And now Dave King owns 14% of them. They may need another handcart.
  5. I read that too and it suggests that there is still a lot of bad stuff to happen at Ibrox. It's like ferrets tied in a bag.
  6. according to BBC and other places they are now selling their players that should make the Championship even more competitive!!
  7. Honestly can't see a pattern here but then maths wasn't my strong point
  8. At the moment it's impossible to see Rangers winning a play-off game, let alone getting through to meet the 2nd bottom team. The only real interest is in how many teams can overtake now.
  9. Maybe but 6 games ago we could have written the same about O'Halloran. Graham has missed a few he should have made but he has been dreadfully unlucky with some that have been disallowed. And he takes a dammed good penalty.
  10. Yawn, I have seen this lots of times. presumably Graham is the designated taker as he took the last two. MacKay probably took O'Halloran away for that reason. Great too see they are both keen to score.
  11. That really annoyed me. I wasn't sure that there was actually a stamp. It looked more like Black was stopping them moving away. Also in the interests in competitive fairness film footage should only be used if all matches are filmed. To be fair to the BBC, they are a meant to bring up things of note. It is up to the Scottish football authorities to have a fair system in place and not "lets look at what was said on Sportscene"!!!
  12. I understand from a post on Twitter that Green gave him a contract that gives him a £1M+ even if he resigns. No idea if it is true but it seems that they are all stuffed!
  13. The only reason I'm glad that I didn't go was the weather. No matter how bad they played in the second half I love to see them win. I would have gone if I hadn't been coming down with the flu.
  14. Strangely Doncaster said last year that sponsors aren't essential.
  15. Reading this thread it is clear that it is the police that have banned them. Maybe the club were happy to ban them, but even if unwilling, they were never going to ignore "police advice". That kind of advice sounds like an instruction and if ignored by the club the police would still arrest them or prevent them from accessing the ground.
  16. I just googled it and looked at the FIFA guidelines. You are correct, except the referee can play advantage if he thinks a goal will be scored and then issue a red card. Given where Croft was on the pitch that was unlikely. However it does mean that if he considered the tackle merited a yellow he could still show it after the passage of play.
  17. I am pretty sure that as they can book a player once advantage is over, then he can be red carded too. I don't know the rule book, but frankly it is illogical to be able to do one and not the other.
  18. I have a couple a of thoughts about this. It was a late tackle but I didn't think it was worth more than a yellow. It only looked bad when i saw it on TV. The ref was close by and could have red carded him after the goal if he had thought it was that bad, However, yet again, the SFA compliance officer takes notice of the BBC. I am quite sure if they had not mentioned it nothing would have been said. I don't think having a compliance officer is a bad idea, but they should look through all the films of the games and make their own decisions. It wouldn't be that hard, just fast forward to each decision. Most of them wouldn't require a second look.
  19. I'd agree with that. but what game did the BBC get the highlights for in the second half? They must have showed every attack that Dundee had.
  20. Very easy to blame Caddis, but Mannus apart no one played that well in the first half, especially in the midfield. When the midfield apply quick pressure we look a much better team.
  21. While Wright is not that fast, Ando, as seen last Friday in the first goal is pretty quick on his feet. I think the problem is their decision making. At the goal today when Dundee broke 2 or 3 of our defenders headed towards the wing leaving the centre empty. They began to fill that by leaving 2 Dundee players free on the left with no free to stop them playing it into the danger area. I can think of 4 or 5 goals this season when Saints have been caught over-committed to attack with no idea how to close the opposition down.
  22. i heard that that he'd told his family that he wasn't getting his haircut until he scored. i hope he meant for the first team...