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    Lincolnshire no More got a reaction from HOODLUM65 in Ibrox latest...   
    I read that too and it suggests that there is still a lot of bad stuff to happen at Ibrox. It's like ferrets tied in a bag.
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    Lincolnshire no More reacted to Wendy Saints in Saints V Dundee United 27/12/14   
    A team you never get fed up beating!!!
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    Lincolnshire no More reacted to montrosesaintee in Your Top 10 Sjfc Highlights Of 2014   
    Dunno how this'll go, but here's a bash at 10 of my most memorable moments of 2014.
    10) The 3-3 draw with Celtic - brilliant atmosphere throughout that game, and some fabulous football from Saints. 
    9) Ando's goal celebrations being consistently the most boring and predictable celebrations, despite him scoring some brilliant and timely goals in what has been his best season in a Saints shirt.
    8) Frazer Wright absolutely owning Cifci for the whole year, despite him clearly being a fantastic player.
    7) Chris Millar scoring the winner against Utd today, in his best season for us, making the WAP PotY award a one horse race before Christmas.
    6) Macca's goal in Luzern, guy is a feckin' legend.
    5) The boy asking me why strangers kept hugging us outside Celtic Park after we won the cup, and his grin when I said it was because I was wearing the Montrose Saints flag like a cape, so everyone was recognising him.
    4) Mayso's double against Aberdeen at Ibrox.  Sadly watching on the TV as I couldn't be there, but the greasy mark on the screen where the boy kissed it after the equaliser wasn't washed off for many weeks.
    3) Scobbie's penalty against Luzern.  Saints legend forever more for that 20 seconds.
    2) Ando scoring just before half-time at Celtic Park, and my dad and son going mental, while i couldn't hold back the tears.  Feeling very foolish I looked aroun to see Rik2304 balling his eyes out too.  A memorable man-hug ensued.  
    1) Full time whistle at Celtic Park and three generations of montrosesaintees going absolutely bananas, best feeling EVER as a Saints fan.  As one or two of you may know, an insane and deranged ex-wife taking them away, and poor health, have led to me losing access to my kids, part of the reason for my absence from WAP.  I haven't seen the boy since August, but my avatar on here warms my heart every time I see it.  I have faith that he will never forget, and as time passes he will make his own decision to want to come back to the good half of his family.  
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    Lincolnshire no More got a reaction from croc in Brian Graham   
    Maybe but 6 games ago we could have written the same about O'Halloran. Graham has missed a few he should have made but he has been dreadfully unlucky with some that have been disallowed. And he takes a dammed good penalty.
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    Lincolnshire no More got a reaction from angus-saint253 in Brian Graham   
    Maybe but 6 games ago we could have written the same about O'Halloran. Graham has missed a few he should have made but he has been dreadfully unlucky with some that have been disallowed. And he takes a dammed good penalty.
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    Lincolnshire no More got a reaction from lethamsaintee in Penalty Kick   
    Yawn, I have seen this lots of times. presumably Graham is the designated taker as he took the last two. MacKay probably took O'Halloran away for that reason.  Great too see they are both keen to score.
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    Lincolnshire no More reacted to crieffsaintandy in St.mirren V Saints 6/12/14   
    Linky that was a quick flu from just a headache on Saturday morning!!! I thought it was a reasonable game considering the horrendous conditions was never going to be silky football, but the most important thing is the three points and great value for a tenner
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    Lincolnshire no More reacted to saintscotty in Cup Final Dvd   
    That's Richard Brittain's christmas present sorted.
    Smashing, super, great. Lets look at what you could have won ;-)
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    Lincolnshire no More got a reaction from dublin saint in Dundee V Saints 8/11/14   
    Very easy to blame Caddis, but Mannus apart no one played that well in the first half, especially in the midfield. When the midfield apply quick pressure we look a much better team.
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    Lincolnshire no More got a reaction from pete1967 in Is Ryder Cup Money Spinner For Saints?   
    it's all good business and good to see them making money.
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    Lincolnshire no More reacted to SaintSam1884 in Hamiton V St Johnstone   
    Well done to Ghostie for coming on and making the only sensible post I've seen since the game ended. As someone who was actually at the game and witnessed the performance and not just the result coming through on their computer screen, here's my view on it.

    We simply didn't play well enough on the day to beat Hamilton. We cannot play 4-5-1 this season with Macca as the lone striker. We don't have good enough wide players for it and MacLean isn't dynamic enough to do everything a lone striker needs to do. He's strong and can hold up the ball very well but he needs someone to pass it on to once he's got it. The second goal at the semi final is a fine example of what Macca does best. We looked infinitely better when Kane came on to partner him. Kane, in comparison to May, is strong enough physically and seems very good technically with a real burst of pace. The only thing he needs to work on is his confidence. He was through on the goalkeeper and elected to wait for back up and play a pass across goal. He should've hit the shot.

    We won our first game away to Ross County and gave a good account of ourselves against Celtic. We just played poorly yesterday. I saw us play some mince last season even with May in the team! Some people really have lost all grasp of reality. And dare I say it there are some disgustingly old firm like attitudes on here. I wonder if Dundee United and Hearts fans were absolutely seething at their club when they failed to beat relegation fodder St.Johnstone upon our promotion to the SPL in 2009...
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    Lincolnshire no More reacted to andy rhodes fancy watch in Is Steve Brown Qualified / Should He Go   
    Just the same. SB never bought him a pint or shook his hand .
    Steve Broon needs PR/communication lessons . We know it , he probably knows it, but to be honest I wouldnae want to do his job.
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    Lincolnshire no More reacted to Lt. Col Kojak Slaphead II in Stevie May   
    Absolute rubbish, you don't 'OWE' anybody in football.  Its a short career, he has to do what's best for Stevie and his own future. 
    I do love the high and mighty attitude of some football fans.  bottom line was we were probably offering him £4k a week a maximum, yeah a tidy sum for most but from what i've heard Wednesday have tripled that offer.  Are you trying to tell me you would turn down that sort of money if offered it over some misplaced sense of loyalty.
    Of course you wouldn't.  
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    Lincolnshire no More reacted to langside-saint in Stevie May
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    Lincolnshire no More got a reaction from gingermunkie in Ross County V St Johnstone 10/08/14   
    *bangs PC*...I seem to have found the wrong match thread!
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    Lincolnshire no More reacted to stevensan in Saints Announce 2013-14 Profit   
    Analysis of the 2013-14 accounts here (thanks to the two shareholders who forwarded them to me)

    I will make the full accounts available as soon as they are available on companies house so as to protect the shareholders who passed these on.
    There is still a large cost base, so the lack of signings and the reduction in the playing squad is understandable to try and reduce that base.  While it would be great to continue spending, a season where we fail to make the top 6 with last seasons cost basis, would make a serious dent in our savings account.
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    Lincolnshire no More reacted to Center Half in Chris Kane   
    All this we are selling to cheap we are being shafted, SB has messed up.  etc etc. 
    Nobody but May , St Johnstone Football Club, and probably his Agent knows all the in and outs of the current deal.
    If I remember correctly Steve was not keen on signing last year and eventually signed to the end of this season which was then Extended to next year, A great piece of work as we could have been watching him go for a paltry development fee and needing to wait on that for years as it went through the relevant courts.
    However Steve/Agent would have inserted the sell on fee no the Club, The new contract talks if Rotherham can not match his demands nor could we I suppose.
    I blame also his Agent, these guys make their money on players moving and getting better deals so he is in a industry which probably is in the worst recession it has seen, there are no to many players moving about and getting deals, Hardly no transfer going ahead so it will be a lean time for him, Hence like any Sales person needing a sale to get money on the table he recognised this may have been the one opportunity to get a deal done. SB is not loved by football agents I believe and I think the feeling is mutual. So if we are getting £800,000+ a chance to negotiate a sell on clause  in the deal then that will be the best we will get.
    As the Old saying goes you can ask as much as you want for an item but you will only get what someone will pay you for it, I do not think clubs were breaking the door down to offer much above this reported figure. All IMOP of course .
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    Lincolnshire no More reacted to XxLeahSaintxX in I Love Supporting Saints   
    Born in Perth but spent most of my days in Aberdeen. Started going to the football with my Dad when I was 6 as I twigged pretty quickly if I didn't go to the football then my Dad would have no interest in spending time with me.

    Absolutely loved going to the games and having it drilled into me that Roddy Grant was a legend and I was to worship the ground he walked on.

    Hoping to be back in Perth in the next few years so I can say I support my 'home' team!
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    Lincolnshire no More reacted to BHADAD in I Love Supporting Saints   
    Get far more satisfaction supporting a local team which is part of the community rather than wasting time glory hunting and chasing a trophy. And then all of a sudden we get one of them as well. If all Scottish football kept it local it wouldn't be in such an unhealthy state.
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    Lincolnshire no More reacted to montrosesaintee in Player contracts and transfers   
    I hope ODAB doesn't read this, he'll explode.

    Seriously though, are folk forgetting that May has a contract until 2015?  It's still a year away.

    Also, for £3m, we could invest in a cloning laboratory and have 23 Gary MacDonalds.
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    Lincolnshire no More reacted to highlandsaint in Motm Saints 1 - Fc Luzern 1 - 24/07/14 Elq2 2Nd Leg (Saints Win 5-4 On Pens)   
    its getting harder and harder to find one outstanding individual in the recent big games weve been involved in - Cup semi, Cup final, Lucerne away - as there have been outsatanding performances from every player on the pitch and that includs the subs.
    Went for Chris Miller - some brilliant blocks, chased and harried the whole game and rarely wasted the ball when he had it.
    Cant ask more of any player than to run himself to a standstill and thats what he did in extra time.
    Hope when the league starts, his critics take a minute to remember his contributions in these recent history making games before slagging and abusing him or is that too much to ask?
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    Lincolnshire no More reacted to CunninghamVideo in Saints Tv: Luzern   

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    Lincolnshire no More reacted to Kyle in Tam Scobbie - An Appreciation   
    Tam Scobbie played like a future captain last night. He was the first to congratulate his team mates when they scored their penalties, the first one to try and get the crowd going before the penalties started and then stepped up to take his the 5th penalty to win the match.
    For someone who recevied such an underwhelmed response when he arrived, he's been a really good servant to the club. He's always filled in well when we've had injuries, playing around 30 games a season, and has never let us down. I feel sorry for him not being fit to make the cup final squad, but he deserves all the plaudits he gets.
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    Lincolnshire no More got a reaction from rammsteinally in Match Tickets For Luzern At Home   
    What's this TV thing you mention?
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    Lincolnshire no More reacted to Cleveland-Saint in What A Shame...   
    I don't have a problem with the club not organizing anything here, its not their core competency. Good on the Tulloch for making the effort, this is what they do for a living, sounds like it will be a cracking event.