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  1. Eh … is he like Chris Millar or can he score goals - you cannot have both ! ps Both Liam and Spoony can play left back.
  2. Nice to see such sensible and measured comments after all the rubbish spouted over the past few weeks. We all need to truly support the club as best we can as we have no god given right to be in the league we are in nor play at the level we do!
  3. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.dailyrecord.co.uk%2Fsport%2Ffootball%2Ffootball-transfer-news%2Fstevie-set-st-johnstone-return-19024636%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR1VWhXmzZx8LKFuKHVBgkAROPzDz6BlVezEpG2Wh-7UjbkwVOsvSzJ0Uao&h=AT1ESSuRRTpbvgP21ppFlbsXCrcGH6pL7sqRFi8O9SJyGOoNh8kqksteGXLcWcaqhTQ1vUSLScAogGED2FJXcootLrsCObPlxFSj3sAzXKRjkQlB70NTeVSBaNpnweG-Qfv7Fji1S8CKNG8ZELDQIAkChhjOxulymutINcXfWAUm2F4UmQ Daily Ranger reporting deal with Saints agreed and release from Aberdeen to be secured.
  4. Where have all Tommy's critics gone - just shows who knows best. In future do not forget that we have been consistently underestimated - EVEN BY OUR OWN FANS - since 1884!
  5. Yes we are going through a difficult period and yes some players are off the pace but we were not as bad as made out. Aberdeen were buzzing and their confidence grew throughout the match but we lost two goals from set pieces - great corner from Stevie May and deflected free kick. The first goal loss was the big error and that lead to lack of confidence but we played a lot better than against Hamilton and we played good football at times so was not by a long way our worst ever performance. I think issue is we do not believe we can come back from going down because we are lacking in a striking threat - this both deflates our defence and increases the confidence of the opposition. Get behind the team as they have not gone bad overnight and Tommy is still a great manager - give them our support!
  6. Saw Callum Hendry play a full game against Hamilton U20's tonight - long way to go yet and not Stevie May. Roddy Grant without the heading ability but all of Roddy's speed! Think we need to keep looking or just let Spoony and Mikey score all the goals!
  7. Cannot find the admission prices for this one - anyone point me in the right direction. also what are the free child rules?
  8. Totally agree. The ticket issue a[part the club deserve full support on this. No reason to suppose Swanson cannot get back to where he was with us if given game time ... remember the forum calling for him back etc etc. However still need another two out and two in - thought Sutton and Fisher could have been right but not really shown it. Joe on the other hand is looking like he could stay for years.
  9. Final post on this since I started it - going to ,make damn sure I have a ticket for the final!!! COYS
  10. Dream on - whenever does the SPFL issue an apology .... other than to TFOD.
  11. Email sent - if we do not protest then it just encourages them to s**t on us some more.
  12. It was great to see how much coverage we got from BBC Reporting Scotland- plenty talk about O'Halloran and about East Kilbride - however fans being shafted by the SPFL does not warrant any coverage. Good old BBC Scotland!
  13. Feel completely let down by the club. Not a way to grow support.
  14. When I started this thread I was gutted - unbelievably I am probably more gutted now. First time in 52 or so years that I have doubted my support for the club. If nothing else we have been an example of the 'diddy club' taking on the big boys - I would like to see the club support the fans for once so that it is not a one way street. really p*****d off about the likelihood that I will not attend the semi final despite asking the club the best way to be there supporting them. And all this crap about who are real supporters and who are not is not helping!