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  1. He was at the last season ticket meeting and came across very well honest about most things so was stan
  2. Drey and Cammy McPherson training with the squad today ahead of Dundee game id imagine on the bench at best if even in the squad
  3. Gets worse sprangler out for the season that's a massive blow
  4. Did say two to six weeks for him so hopefully not that long
  5. Big game for saints . hopefully sprangler and drey make the bench . hopefully a 4 4 2 formation I do fear with Levein it maybe as defensive as possible Hopefully a good win to get us there missing there best player Owen Beck . These are winnable games before the split lets go for it
  6. Sprangler could be out for a while with ligament knee injury that's a massive blow in nothing challenge must say from the Celtic lad
  7. From what I've heard leven wanted to play a back four but the defenders preferred a 5 but he gave them a chance hasn't worked so hopefully he'll stick with the 4
  8. Just shows how good Tommy was and probably McInnes before as well
  9. this tells you all you need to know it ain't changing every.
  10. If we lose mitov in the summer the lad from Raith looks a very decent keeper
  11. I'd like to see us play at 5 3 2 tonight with sprangler Carey and Smith in the middle of it's a four in the middle think Fran would be great with these three
  12. Very happy we went for Levien refreshing who we're going for players new to the Scottish game instead of same old thing.looking at county and Livingston were in a much stronger place than them I was very unsure about the appointment but can see the benefits back to the Tommy Wright way football isn't brilliant at times but getting results