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  1. tucker

    Steve brown

    Just noticed Dundee United are asking players and staff to take 20 percent pay cut, United over spending like there neighbors normal do.whilst saints seem to be doing little cuts ,think brown deserves credit for doing a good job during hard times again
  2. Did anyone else watch a view from the terrace last night, laughing how pish the Hamilton v St Johnstone game was going to be,best game of the day by far
  3. Mention of loan signing during commentary last night,what's the maximum you can have,is that why the lad is back at Millwall.
  4. Thought saints were bringing in another player after the window sure read that yesterday
  5. Hopefully with Duffy going might get a player in
  6. Unfortunately Callum needs to start working the media better like Tommy did.may struggled for form first time round till macca returned,need a player like that and the club won't splash the cash at the moment.cant see many fans returning even if aloud to,tells you it all when the match day topic starts on the day of the match.
  7. Think saints are seeing what happens,got enough to go till the Xmas transfer window plus there be plenty free agent's
  8. Matter of time before we go on good run just need to get the finishing product plus Ambrose plays for Livingston now
  9. Think muzz will start tommorrow hopefully spoony as well start with kane and may bring on Hendry after kanes got them tired
  10. Agree but all three are solid players so I'd keep them you won't get any better if imagine
  11. No chance it being Kane,sick of the stick that lad gets,he does all the dirty work all the others hate, would have him in my team every week
  12. Courier reporting Morton and Cove Rangers interested in Wallace Duffy, probably best for the young lad can't see him getting anywhere near the team unless alot of injuries