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  1. Hopefully get a few signed up this week,heard May played well,mikey doing a job as well don't think you'll get better in the current market, happy to keep this year's squad plus a few additions
  2. Commentary today mentioned Kerr been linked to English clubs anyone know who etc
  3. 100 percent correct his contract was 2 year plus 1 so club can offer it straight away
  4. Just to put the Stevie May thing to bed he signed a two year deal plus option of another year.
  5. Good luck to Tommy will always be a saints legend, Callum is doing a fine job as his replacement.think Killie will need alot of sorting out.
  6. Livingston charging 20 pounds to watch think I'll give that a big miss
  7. Do we not need eleven players these days
  8. Can't see us signing anyone now
  9. Where you hearing that Dave
  10. Mr Thomson normal always right
  11. Sky sports news mentioned st Johnstone could be bringing in a few subject to players leaving.no names mentioned
  12. I'd like to see guy and may play together for a few games can't see it being against rangers but they looked good together against Killie
  13. See romours on twitter dray Wright going out on loan saints have put bid in . don't know if there's much truth in it
  14. Middleton looked lively hopefully going another creative winger poor spoony been a one man show most of the season