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  1. @LU1901 - What is the expected crowd for this game? Last year the fans in Norway did not turn out in force due to their assumption that they would just easily beat us. We are hoping for more atmosphere from you guys!
  2. Watty

    Stevie May

    Its not that we think we are bigger, we know we are not, its just that we think (know) we are better. Hope that clears that up for you.
  3. Can anyone believe that this guy spent a year as number 2 to Peter Enkleman? He is 100 times the keeper Enks was/is.
  4. I see they are offering a 20% discount at the moment to celebrate Saints in Europe, they just tweeted, code to use is EUROPA ;-)
  5. Here's a vid from Trondheim last week ! http://youtu.be/FNAgwx7J6DA
  6. Watty


    Fancy doing a turnstile for me? ;-)
  7. Watty


    Oh Mongy get off your high horse and get to the game, you saved 850 quid by not going to Norway after all. Your telling me that a member of the MacDonald clan is going to drive past McDiarmid on the day of one of the biggest games in the clubs history and feel like he is doing the right thing?
  8. Firat is coming over for the Ross County game on 17 Aug and he will still be over for the Dundee United Away game on 24 Aug. I am sure he will be looking forward to saying hi to all he has met on his Norwegian travels.
  9. If only Saints had the resources availalbe on tap that you all think they have. Infact if they even had a tenth of the resources some people think they have they would be a PR juggernaut, facts are that they have not therefore go to the places where they are making an effort i.e. Facebook and Twitter even if you do think they are shite.
  10. Its a similar sentiment though, just a lasting testimony to 2 teams who built up a great rapport during the 2 legs.
  11. Sounds a great idea if you ask me, not surprised by posting it on here though that its attracted the usual goons! I am almost 100% sure that not all games between 2 sides in the Europa League kindles the types of relationships that were forged with EsEs fans over the last few weeks. The singing alone at the 2nd leg would have the hair standing on end of many a hardened footie fan. I would be happy to see Saints forge a formal affiliation with Eskisehirspor to acknowledge the feel good factor that this tie brought.
  12. Also this one with the East Stand bathed in sunlight almost timed perfectly
  13. took this decent pic on my phone with the sky looking pretty cool above the East Stand
  14. If we got the ferry from Bakirkoy to Kadikoy and then wanted to get the bus to Eskisehir would we get the bus from Harem Otogari? This could be the quickest way out of Istanbul? (none of us will ever be sober to even consider driving)