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  1. I also plead guilty as I wasn't paying a few grand for a solicitor just to tell me to plead guilty as your on cctv then on top of that get a fine,I just remembered I did point at someone so that's probably looked upon as wanting to fight what I was actually pointing at was his hood as I was wanting him to put it on as it was raining wheelie bins for a bit aye weather is nuts up here,so that's all I have to say on this matter totally blown out of proportion and nothing happened atal apart from us being detained for whole game Escorted back to Perth by arsehole cops watching every move never mind I did confuse the cunts when I said I was from Brora
  2. Just reading this what a heap of shite,I was there we walked from one pub and went round to keg a few bottles were thrown at us that was it then we were lifted not one hearts fan was,also I was fined 400 pound in Inverness for acting aggressive where they got that from I don't know plus there was nothing planned and there wasn't one scuffle I was actually sitting with hearts boys on train back to Perth then got moved by police as I bought all the drink from the trolley and gave them a drink I suppose that was out of order too,police talk a lot of shite as people know yet when I celebrate a goal v **** at mcd by jumping onto sideline I get life ban and accused of being trouble maker Jesus I would hate to think what would happen if I was armed with tomato sauce bottles
  3. ha ha yeah last thursday was amazing not so great on way home having to pay 180 for a taxi then missed checkin for offshore in morning but who cares saintees wan,im back offshore now for 3 weeks so going to miss home game on thursday and a few more at least it gives me time to dry out he he well fellow saintees enjoy thursday hopefully we get a few goals see u in a few weeks coys
  4. Sound mate got your text last night see u then cys
  5. What a night last night world class by the super saintees,the hangover is worth it cant wait for thursday