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  1. Wrong gender. But it's Christmas, we won't split hairs!
  2. Hahaha, bit tricky - I do 300 miles a week, to and from work!!
  3. Good offer - wish they'd give me 50% off my 52 week Tayside megarider!!
  4. Popped to Betfred on my lunch break and put £2 on a Saints win at 11/2. Nice wee profit to go towards a bottle of gin. Cheers Tommy!
  5. From what I've read I'm glad I didn't attend the game today and go to my works Christmas piss up instead. When I passed the accident scene it didn't look too bad, however I did fear the worst when I saw the Police Accident Investigation vehicle. No matter how bad we all feel about Saints just now, some poor family somewhere is going to have the worst Christmas imaginable.
  6. Just come through Braco on my way to Stirling for the works Christmas piss up. North bound traffic seems to be getting sent up to Braco via the Kinbuck road which is a narrow B road, to then re-join the A9 at Greenloaning. It'll take theme ages!
  7. I've said this previously in other threads and don't want to sound like a stuck record, but with all these new houses we need a new hospital not a downgrading of PRI
  8. It's to the west of Inveralmond Industrial Estate, roughly. Someone more techy than me might be able to post a map. No idea about the feeder schools.
  9. Is anyone else having sound issues when watching BT Sport or is it just me?! It to only seems to be during live commentaries, and sounds like you're listening to the radio and you need to re-tune. Happens randomly for anything from a couple of seconds to a couple of minutes and is bloody annoying!
  10. I had to give my name, address, phone number and email address when I got a ticket for a Rangers game last season and that's how I got on the database. Don't know if you will be able to get a ticket for tonight. It's worth trying, worst they can say is no.
  11. Thanks Hoodlum, Cagey and Ricardo.Your help is much appreciated!
  12. What voucher number is it in the season ticket book for tomorrow? Asking because a Saints fan who hasn't been able to get to any games so far this season has given me a loan of her season ticket. Neither of us have any idea what voucher it will be.
  13. Thoroughly enjoyed last night. Roddy's goal made my night. Well done and thank you to the committee for all their hard work, it was great fun.
  14. Ed, the bloody Great North Run has scuppered our night in Newcastle on Saturday. Can't get a hotel for Saturday night, so post City Games (some class athletes running) we're heading down to York for 2 nights. No particular reason, except I'm on holiday for 2 weeks and fancy seeing York. I'm a bit of a cycler too, if you know of anyone selling a cheap (not stolen!) ladies road bike, let me know! Also, the Great North Run is for wimps. The real hardcore runners do the Great North 5k!!! Haha. Enjoy your trip!!