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  1. Really hope Tommy gets things sorted soon! Same problems as last season, poor squad selections and a slow start to the season. Cummins and Macca must start next game. Didnt pay for watching route one stuff IE long balls pelted to Sutton and O'Halloran being wasted by playing deeper than he should be. Love Tommy but hopefully this game was a wake up call and he will make the chnages necessary for our next game. COYS
  2. Any idea if they will still beon sale August and July? Since im a student thats the only time i have enough cash to buy one!
  3. Ainsworth is having a belter against der ***, Tommy get him signed. Now!!!
  4. In october if you told me that we would finish fourth, beat the DABS and the dee twice, beat Celtic at parkhead and possibly secure europe last game of the season away at Pittodrie with a 20 year old sub scoring i would have told you to f... Off! But im so glad how this season turned out in the end. Hats off to Tommy Wright and co for a great season and the young team for making going to the games bearable. I love being a saintee yasssss!
  5. Sorry mate im a grumpy one, glass half empty type of guy.
  6. Fail to see what he has done since he has came back from injury, on his last legs one would think, just drifts in and out of the game a lot. Maybe he would do better playing with another striker every game.
  7. Scott McDonald, been decent for 'well and has previous experience of euro action would be a good shout rather than John Sutton. Also want Ainsworth to bolster our attacking midfield.
  8. Mannus Mackay/Shaughnessy McKay Ando Easton Millar Davidson Wotherspoon/ainsworth Swanson Sutton O'Halloran You seen it here first!
  9. Im genuinely worried, hes absolute shite
  10. Mods feel free to move this, did not where else to put this but is there any buses with two spaces next week? I have never used a supporters bus so i am cluelless im afraid
  11. Hats off to them for yesterday, fantastic atmosphere never seen anything of the likes since god knows when. They get a fair bit of critiscism from some on here but as i said they were fantastic yesterday... Well in theyoung team!
  12. . Wouldnt put it past dundee to give the DABs a hiding