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    Originally from Blair Atholl. Was in the Black Watch and moved about a wee bit. Now living in Kirkcaldy with the burd. COYS!!
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  1. Ando testimonial shirt was better!
  2. Dunno, give me a clue? Is it a trick question?
  3. Get out of here with your common sense!!
  4. I'd be cheaper buying flight for someone else to come over!
  5. Another 2 booked for Belfast. Park Inn seems like the place to be!
  6. The world is a delicate place these days!
  7. Italy are guff tae! Could be in with a shout!
  8. This is pretty impressive stuff! Future looks bright if we can keep these guys in contract and continue their development into the first team.
  9. Is that a new street name for heroin?
  10. If you don't like it, don't come along. I'm sure there are plenty more people, young and old, who are more than happy to come along. Our local regiment, The Black Watch, is currently on an operational tour at the moment in Cyprus. UNARMED! patrolling the buffer zone for the UN. Doing a bloody important job and keeping a lot of people safe. Many of these guys are Saints fans. Remember that, outwith a couple of wars that you might not agree with, these guys are doing a very important job that the majority would not do and most of all they are human and it is nice to be rewarded for putting themselves in harms way and leaving their families for up to 9 months at a time so that other people don't have to.
  11. There's a lump of muscle in goal but thats about it!