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  1. Hope all shoelaces have been removed from your shoes Saintees?

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    2. jhq


      and that comment is homophobic

    3. slf
    4. slf


      been awfy quiet terry,ye didnae get stranded in outer mongolia did ye?

  2. ha, oh dear

    2. Edstar101


      Was laughing, then peed himself

    3. slf


      hows it hinging ?

  3. That has been some spam attack

    1. mainstand


      surprised you are not blaming the SFA and saying it is a conspiracy!

    2. Eric Openshaw

      Eric Openshaw

      surprised I'm not getting the blame, usually do for anything that happens on this board, you poor little offened souls

  4. I see Surrender No made a comeback yesterday, another sleekit *** b******
  5. Shagger has got previous for that kind of thing. Levein should'nt never even had the chance to pick a squad for this campaign, a terrible manager
  6. Every **** will lay down and get their bellies tickled and let them back in
  7. The proof is in the price, I don't have to say anymore or should'nt, jeez ****sake
  8. I think St Tony and hoodlum should retract their statement, have they got any proof about the points they're making?
  9. Probably by burying their heads in the sand as usual, The SFA/SFL/SPL had their chance to get rid of the cretins and not allow them in any league, and didn't do it, the new regime at Ibrox will cause just as much problems as the last 2, but the blazers will not do anything about it as usual
  10. Couldn't say who enjoys it more, but most of you guys don't go to away games anyway and are always moaning about prices, I have a wee moan about prices and its an outrage, so no I'll not be retracting the statement
  11. Not trolling at all Celtic fans get over charged at every ground in Scotland
  12. Yes quick to jump on my back for a fair comment, yet nothing said for a racist remark?