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  1. I have just sent money for a badge.

    ill get it at next home match.


    john kaylor

    1. Puckfolice


      Remember to come to the front of the section today to pick this up ;) 

  2. London's Trafalgar will be a no go area at least part of the day as there is a remembrance event on Friday.
  3. not if you cannot afford it you cant. and there is nothing wrong with the lads asking for free entry if that is available.
  4. why would they be in the away end???
  5. just because ICT is more expensive doesn't make it right. The lads took a stance, fair play to them. Lots of other fans made a stance too, hence the empty seats all over McD.
  6. malta 4th sept is in Malta
  7. Trafalgar will be a no go area, rememberance sunday weekend
  8. Swanson, wow. i was wrong about him, the guy is class and is starting to show it more, looks fitter than ever for us. now I'll moan about Paton, don't like what I've seen so far.
  9. Best atmosphere to date last night, brilliant. but a wee worry about the stewards, they have been fine but last night they were a bit OTT in the last 15mins of the match. the woman steward in charge was out of order, stopping young kids from moving along near the end, seen one kid explains to her he was going to toilet as she man handled him. She was causing bother. She could be a problem if she continues acting as she did, she really doesn't have a clue about football crowds. hope it is not a sign of things to come, needs sorted before it gets out of hand.
  10. why put JC. pretty pathetic attempt
  11. Twice, don't know why it is doing that
  12. I'm just saying how I seen it Phil, not knocking it. Is that not allowed?
  13. I'm just saying how I seen it Phil, not knocking it. Is that not allowed?
  14. Might be harsh but I actually think he meant to pass across goal to macca, he did look up, see him, then pass, I think it was meant for macca
  15. If he is as good as some think then I think we have little chance of signing him. even if sellick don't want him, then the run in the team and a goal yesterday is a dream for his agent to tout him to all and sundry. he will also be on more money than we can afford and lots more clubs will pay far more than we will. catch 22, we improve him and others see that and we lose out.