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  1. Maybe 10 pages of football reports in today’s Guardian...and mention of the Scottish Cup Final there is none other than in the classified results section. Not even a couple of lines. You might think that this might upset the SFA and they might send in a formal complaint...but hey - I’m not holding my breath.
  2. Yes - Wednesday on his doorstep but he’s a Utd fan - he sees them as the ‘real’ team of Sheffield.
  3. Cheers buddy...my lad watched it with me - he lives in Sheffield (Southey Green way) and though his English club is Arsenal his local club is Sheff Utd. We’ve been bouncing around the lounge of our holiday cottage.
  4. Have just watched the game while on a weeks break in north Norfolk, me and my lad have celebrated this astonishing achievement together with my mum looking on from’ above’ we are so so proud of the team and the club. Winners of Scottish football’s cup double and 5th in the league...don’t bother pinching me - I am awake and this is not a dream...though hold on...have we really just done that? Yup we have
  5. Is Murray ready and available...if he’s going to be in the CF squad he needs game time under his belt?
  6. My mum - a Dunkeld lass. Vaccinated me against OF-itis when a lad and gave me a booster jag every year. Thanks to her I never developed the OF illness and was able to take her and my own lad to the 2014 final. A joyous day for the three generations of Saintees, and on the 22nd she’ll be ‘looking down’ and cheering the lads on as me and my lad watch together - with her sitting between us in our hearts - and I’ll be wearing the scarf she wore that day.
  7. Me and you the same...62 and supported them since I was ten (well since forever) - the years of stick I took as a lad growing up in Glasgow and the blank looks I’ve got since moving to south of England in 1984...brilliant just brillliant...I must stop pinching myself it’s starting to hurt...unreal. What a great performance from the lads today. All round...but Spoony was class, Booth tireless, back three winning (almost) everything...great skills, teamwork and togetherness all over the pitch.
  8. Holy Moly - so many years getting the proverbial extracted by fans of the OF; so many years down here where I am in south of England after revealing that I’m from Glasgow being asked whether I was Rangers or Celtic - and receiving blank looks when I indignantly proclaim neither but that I’m a Saintee...and now this bonkers season after last night maybe just maybe there will be a wee bit of recognition. Meanwhile I have had loads of fun this morning with my Rangers season ticket holder brother - and soon to move on to my niece - also a Rangers season holder. It’s her birthday today so I’ve let her off this morning ... but the time is just about upon us. And my dear mum - who so proudly went to Parkhead with me and my lad in 2014 - will be smiling from up high and afar...maybe she’ll be taking my dad up for a joyous Highland Scottische - to tunes by Bobby MacLeod of course - their favourite. Both gone but joyously with me today. And we are all still dancing. So proud of the lads, Callum and just everyone...
  9. Aye - but Scotland can - and I wiz there
  10. Zero now that we've won it Actually I'll retype that as I enjoyed it so much. '...now that we've won it'
  11. Spotted by a friend when passing the ground - what's that about?
  12. Loving this picture from Sunday - as the tenement block roof you see poking over the top of the stand top left is the roof of the block in which I was brought up. Sight of it always brings back memories of me and my mate Ralph (we'd have been 6 when we first did it) climbing over the Somerville Drive wall into the ground and playing in the grand old lady that was Hampden park of the mid 1960s - sometimes kicking around any ball we found missed after training. We also sometimes climbed over the main gate into the area in front of the South Stand and those who remember that gate - it was huge...:) Ah memories...now added to by memories of Sunday.
  13. Unfortunately to me Martindale did a good 'impression' of a rather scruffy Mr Angry...his backstory is a great one...but maybe it wasn't the best look for a Cup Final. Anyway...