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  1. Aye - but Scotland can - and I wiz there
  2. Zero now that we've won it Actually I'll retype that as I enjoyed it so much. '...now that we've won it'
  3. Spotted by a friend when passing the ground - what's that about?
  4. Loving this picture from Sunday - as the tenement block roof you see poking over the top of the stand top left is the roof of the block in which I was brought up. Sight of it always brings back memories of me and my mate Ralph (we'd have been 6 when we first did it) climbing over the Somerville Drive wall into the ground and playing in the grand old lady that was Hampden park of the mid 1960s - sometimes kicking around any ball we found missed after training. We also sometimes climbed over the main gate into the area in front of the South Stand and those who remember that gate - it was huge...:) Ah memories...now added to by memories of Sunday.
  5. Unfortunately to me Martindale did a good 'impression' of a rather scruffy Mr Angry...his backstory is a great one...but maybe it wasn't the best look for a Cup Final. Anyway...
  6. Not posted for a long time - almost exactly 6yrs in fact...though I've been regular reader as we've battled along since then. But felt I just had to come back on following yesterday and comments about those no longer with us but watching from the Hampden Stands...and I'll include my mum in that group. A Dunkeld lass (she was a gamies daughter brought up on Craig-y-barns) and life-long supporter, she went with myself and my lad to the Cup final at Parkhead and loved and was so proud seeing her team win the Cup. And she'd have been cheering on from above on Sunday. We were brought up in Mount Florida and lived a stones-throw from Hampden. All through the 50s and 60s we'd have family from all over the country visiting for big matches, and I expect she didn't ever really think her team would lift a cup at the ground (especially after the disappointment of 1971). But now we have. And it's brilliant. I even spent £12.99 on Premier Sports to watch. Nerve-wracking but great goal from Rooney and great performances all over the pitch and CallumD that others have waxed lyrical on so I won't. Except to say my lad - sitting watching in his Sheffield front room wearing his Saintees top and scarf with pride commented that for all that the fancy dans that England might have - Perth Saintees have our very own Kane and Rooney doing the business up front. I liked that. COYS.
  7. whee-hee...bhoys oh bhoys - well that wisnae part of yer plan wiz it!!! Good stuff lads. COYS!
  8. Went to Uni in Paisley 35yrs ago (was a college it was back then). Paisley wasn't a great place back then (understatement - though the Cellar Bar and the Wee Howf were good for a bevvie or ten between lectures) - but I recently met up with a close Buddy friend of mine from back then and she advised me not to bother going into the town as it was just horrid - and she's living their these days. Sad,
  9. And so in the end a change in circumstances meant that we had to cancel our trip to Inverness and our overnight stay in Perth. Instead we got ourselves 2 nights deluxe room B&B in the Cameron House Hotel for £196. Now that was one heck of a deal. Absolutely tops, Brilliant stay. My (English) Mrs found herself just loving the place, the Scots staff, the food, the hill walking and the scenery. And on way home as we headed down the M74 towards the noise and 'way too busy' South of England she did actually say that she'd think about us moving to Scotland in a few years time. In years (and years...) past living in Scotland was not an option. The girl is getting it...taken her 25 yrs mind. And a sidenote - we had lunch in the Loch Lomond Arms Hotel (in Luss). Lovely bar and splendid food.
  10. was thinking that the volley was good - but not *that* good - but the first time control of the cross, back flick over head and turn and volley - hmmm - yes - pretty darn good. The keepie-uppie bit takes me back to Davie Cooper's ball-juggling goal against Celtic in a Cup Final many moons ago. Now that was a very special goal - neat player Davie Cooper was.
  11. In the same vein I mind when my college cafe started selling Pot Noodles soon after they had hit the shelves and were 'new' to us. The wifey serving made a real fuss about getting the right amount of water in the pot; making sure the foil lid was neatly back in place while the noodles were 'prepared'; and gave us instructions on when it would be ready to consume
  12. Looks like I'm going to have to visit Murrays bakery to try out their Scotch Pies - being best in the country as they have just been voted!
  13. Had a look at menus - all look just our sort of place (though Cafe Tabou could do with taking down it's Christmas Menu...). Sent to Mrs Me for her vetting and selection (I go where I am told to go and do what I am told to do. I can eat what I want - but only if I share...)