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  1. Well spotted. I forgot about that point. I've only seen Scotland at Ibrox once in person and that was Italy in the early 90's - very good game. I still think the above if their fit.
  2. I would like to see Scotland start the way they finished in Germany and just have a go from the start because Georgia are not Germany no matter what they think. So personally I'd like to see Fletcher and Naismith on together with Anya in midfield but I would understand if they delay that,plus the old Hampden atmosphere to enhance the home advantage.
  3. Ronaldo

    Man U

    I have to give credit to Leicester on their whole approach, 3-2 down against and they didn't just try to get back into it they had a real go and overrun United. I thought they reminded me of Saints in 1990 when we got promoted under Totten and nobody in the SPL seemed to know much about our players and we disturbed so many teams playing a very offensive front line (i.e. Maskrey, Moore and Grant) which caused havoc. A lot of these Leicester players look much better than their value. Mind you I have to disagree with a few of you since I think Manchester United are going to destroy someone soon. The quality of players coming into the club is so high (Di Maria, Herrera, Falcao, Rojo, Dakey Blind, etc.) and Rooney, Van Persie, Mata, Valencia all still there it just seems a matter of time. The defence needs a bit sorting out though and it's probably I assume because their moving to a 4-3-3 Dutch style system under Louis Van Gaal and defenders move up to fill midfield positions often. If you watch the 2nd half again they were posted missing on occasions and Leicester broke away easily - so I just think ithe change of system has to be worked on at the back I'm assuming. He's got enough defenders in that squad with four to play from nine. I think. It might also be a good thing that they're not in Europe. That's just an opinion though.
  4. You're right two forwards or one with one just off him is much more threatening especially since it gives more options from changing defence to attack. It's better than o ur famous 4-6-0 anyway.
  5. That would be a good time for your work. On the way down they forced us into the second 'football special' because we were wanting to hold back for the 3rd one and the railway staff said "They're well gone ..... you're just young lads GET ON!". Fascist! Seemingly the next train was crammed full and he didn't want us to miss out. There was no security on trains in these days, I remember we had stopped and the engine was still chugging away and someone said "Where are we?" ......... "Glasgow" ....... "Where abouts in Glasgow?" ........ and guys just got off the train .......... then flashing lights and uniforms and sirens all came into action. Of course that meant everything was being held up behind us including trains coming in from Edinburgh and Fife towards Queen Street. We god directed to a side track to be checked out ..... maybe our immigrant status. Then I heard someone said "Where are we?". Football Specials were your entry to manhood. I remember before the start of the game Bill Tennant (very nice man and media man) and his minders tried to kick us out our seats in the North Stand and then they realised we were in the right seats. Just before the game his minders came along with sausage rolls, pies, chilled Coke and other stuff. You remember these things - bit of class. Then we had to suffer watchingb Gert Muller, Denis Law, Jimmy Johnstone, Alan Gilzean (Perthshire), Franz Beckenbaur, Bertrand Vogts (the young version of the man who got fine young Dundee man Mr. Dailly in trouble) etc. Cracking goal by Lisbon Lion - Bobby Murdoch. Then the long journey home.
  6. Coming into the game over the week I thought we'll do well to keep the score down against the world champions and hoped we'd at least play with a bit of passion. The game started and I was kicking every ball - away from our goal thinking this could be a big score. Then Scotland slowly started to get into the game and it became very competitive. We got better in the second half and in the end WE WERE ROBBED AGAINST THE WORLD CHAMPIONS ON THEIR OWN SOIL! Only joking but we played really well and got so close to a result instead of the big defeat which was a possibility in theory. There were a lot of positive things in the second half but although it's just a small thing I thought it was great to see the Scotland managent team and squad furious at not getting another 30 seconds against the World Champions. Excellent and a good sign for future games! I don't think Poland, Ireland and Georgia will get a result there so it's relly between them and us in a mini group unless we can take something from Germany at home.
  7. A lot of the comedians mentioned are great like Kevin Bridges. I often see Jackie Mason but he is lesser known because he's more U.S. based but is very good at holding his audience and works comfortably with all age groups. . Here he is at Oxford for some reason - Part 1 Part 2
  8. I prefer women who grunt, scream, talk in your ear for effect and then explode .......................... compared to women who snarl, cause division, make up stories to attack great people, are false (imply they're so righteous but are just neds) and are clearly put on earth to turn us into homosexuals. Good Test God.
  9. In a way it's a good thing to get the hardest game in the group is our first game because whatever happens we can all still believe there's a chance of qualifying. If you get these games nearer the end it can knock everything for six and evenual failure. None of the other teams should be feared at all and by that I mean they are good (except Gibralter) but we should believe they are beatable game by game. It's been a good run under Strachan, the Croatia result being the best one for me anyway. I still think it's hard though because there were always two automatic qualifying places, it's just there's a last chance play-off game. I remember only winning one play-off situation and that was when we beat Australia in the World Cup qualifiers in 1986. I may be wrong. Obviously the best two teams reached this year's World Cup Final and even though Argentina got revenge later (4-2) Germany are still a strong impressive team and the best consistent and entertaining team at the World Cup. Add to that the game is being played in the most atmospheric of all the German stadiums then this this should be entertaining. ---------------------------- West Germany were the frst international team I seen playing Scotland. It was a 1-1 draw at Hampden with over 100,000 in April 1969 when I was 14, the 'football specials' were all running late returning north and got in the house at 3:15 am and then knackered at school the next day we could say we seen - SCOTLAND - Goalkeeper Tommy Lawrence Defender Ron McKinnon Defender John Greig Defender Tommy Gemmell Full back Eddie McCreadie Midfielder Billy Bremner (captain) Midfielder Jimmy Johnstone Midfielder Bobby Murdoch Forward Denis Law Forward Alan Gilzean Bobby Lennox WEST GERMANY - Goalkeeper Horst Wolter Defender Willi Schulz (captain) Defender Berti Vogts Defender Bernd Patzke Defender Karl Heinz Schnellinger Defender Franz Beckenbauer Midfielder Wolfgang Overath Forward Gerd Muller Forward Sigi Held Forward Helmut Haller Bernd Dorfel They had played against a strange team in the World Cup Final of 1966, a year after we played them they reached the Semi Finals of 1970 World Cup in Mexico and then they won the World Cp in 1974. Today they have 30 million more people to choose from since their Eastern peoples broke a wall down thanks to the help of their Western peoples.
  10. Congratulations for last season (20013/14) tp - 1. Kevin Riddell - CHAMPIONS! 2. Joe Duffy 3. Gary Panton 4. Yvonne Dewar Well done to you all. I was 5th and get a Europa League place.