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  1. Can you get a ticket on the day?
  2. Train from perth to ladybank 9.30 change at ladybank for Aberdeen. Get to Aberdeen for 12
  3. What would the dates of any potential European game be ?
  4. The Young team up the back of the top tier were different class
  5. I don't personally have a problem with the pyro, in big games it does look good (Germany etc). It is against the law in this country though and I suppose it's for a good reason there for not a good idea.
  6. So much blue and white around town!! Got a few t shirts as well may 17 from campus and a cup final one from sports direct for a fiver! Anyone know where to buy a flag in perth nephew is after one
  7. He can't be any worse than you Richard? Surely!!
  8. What ross county away, ye on setanta sports I think
  9. Poor attempt for an April fool I must say
  10. Ehh?? Lost more than we've won no that good
  11. 3 smoke bombs been set off by st johnstone fans!!!
  12. Completely agree.. He's one of them player who will always be known as a "promising young player" Even when he's in his 30s