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  1. Folk greeting about paying £1 extra for the Minsk game but trying to justify paying £70 for a football top. Madness.
  2. May missed one in the friendly at Dens. I know friendlies don't really count but a penalty is a penalty.
  3. Terrible shout. He's too injured. I think out limited budget could be put to better use elsewhere.
  4. His kicking was decent. That's all we can really take from Saturday.
  5. Hasselbaink has started the season very well. Especially in Trondheim. With more playing time and more faith from the management he's definitely shown that he is capable of playing to a high standard so now he has to prove he can keep it up over a run of games. For what it's worth I think he should definitely be fitter, but that will come with playing more games and working as hard as he did on Saturday. That must be one of the only times he's managed a full 90 mins for us?
  6. Says the guy who thought Hasselbaink was shite on Saturday and demanded Gwion Edwards instead.... Next you'll be schooling us on how Murray Davidson is just a poor mans Nick McCoy!
  7. Emmmmm Murray Davidson?? He's a far better talent than May, in that he's proven himself in the SPL and should have moved away. We've got him for another year. Anything is possible.
  8. Wow. I can't believe that you actually think that. He made countless forward runs, won us plenty of free kicks, played some fantastic passes and worked as hard as any other player on the pitch (apart from May). His ability to turn his marker or cut in front of them at pace is excellent and his end product is improving with every game. How you can say he is shite is beyond me. Then you go on to say you would rather Edwards played! Edwards, who has contributed absolutely nothing in any games he's played in for us. You clearly don't have a clue!
  9. It is football chat masked with a business metaphor. Keep up.
  10. But do you take the money even though you know it will significantly weaken the position of your business? Do you sell out at the first time of asking or do you try to grow your business, keep hold of your prized assets and aim to build a successful future for your business?
  11. People around me were still moaning and shouting at him during the last 20 mins for slowing the game down and playing the easy pass. Unreal considering the performance and effort he put in today. You get the same idiots shouting the same shite week in week out though regardless of performances.
  12. Why do you want to bite their hands off for a relatively low offer for one of our most exciting players for years. We should be doing everything we can to keep him and to discourage any bids for him. Offer him a new deal, double his wages. He could well be the difference between top and bottom half, Europe or no Europe, even a cup win. I will be incredibly pissed off if he gets sold/ pushed out the door so we can boost an already healthy bank balance.
  13. Don't like the sounds Tommy Wright is making re Stevie May. Surely he HAS to stay. Massive part of the team this year, would be a travesty to sell him for a couple of hundred k.
  14. Why would we need another keeper? This is exactly why we signed Steve Banks, as an experienced back up in case of injury to Mannus.
  15. It is better than the bloody horse mask that some gimp has a habit of bringing for the past year.