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  1. I hope they leave it as it is, the away end is an uncovered temporary stand that has holes in it - just the job for Chelsea and Man Utd. fans on a cold, wet Tuesday night.
  2. Extremely sad to see the Temple go, it's been the first page a check of a morning for at least the last decade. The archive of news, match reports, signing targets, ex-players and the like is second to none - does any other club on the planet even have anything that comes close? Thanks for all your hard work Richard.
  3. A song for Dundee (with apologies to The Beatles): Can't get you up, up Can't get you up He can buy Gary Harkins for you if it makes you feel alright, He can buy Leigh Griffiths for you as well if it makes you feel alright, 'cause Callum Melville's got loads of money, but money can't get you up Saviours come and Saviours go at Dens Park every year, But Sadam's lawyer and Ivano couldn't get you near, This time it seemed that Europe was calling but money can't get you up Can't get you up, everybody tells you so can't get you up, no no no, no Say you don't care about the league and I'll be satisfied, Tell me that you want the kind of thing that money just can't buy Yes, Dundee might have ****ed promotion, but at least they won the challenge cup! Can't get you up, everybody tells you so can't get you up, money can’t get you up
  4. My adopted English team Stevenage won 1-0 and are now well clear of Oxford at the top of the conference - best Tuesday ever.
  5. Saints 3-1 up against the ****, 101 Saint losing the plot again and the Coagies 2-0 down and about to be 4 points off the pace after spending all that money - it's been a good 45 minutes.
  6. Nobody really stood out for me. Morais started well but faded after about half-an-hour (which seemed to co-incide with him moving into the moddle for a while), Grainger was decent in patches (still looks a little lost when chasing back), Caff was OK alongside a very (ahem) rusty-looking Rusty but I'll go for Jody who was the one bit of class on a pretty depressing day football-wise.
  7. I thought the San Siro was brilliant when I went in terms of view and atmosphere, it's probably my favourite stadium. Old Trafford is shite (too cramped, poor view), most of the newish premiership grounds that I've been to are pretty samey and a bit dull with the exception of The Emirates which (as BH says) has a great view of the pitch and is a great place to watch a game. The new Wembley is awful: crap view, no atmosphere, more like an airport departure lounge than a football Stadium
  8. Cracking result and one that' sure to secure the Scotland job for Laszlo.
  9. Nope, being trying to find one since 12.30, having to make do with the BBC text commentary.
  10. Nah, look at the ears it was clearly an Indian Summer...
  11. Hilarious stuff from the Daily Mail, almost up there with the Grauniad's bit about Richard Herring's 'Hitler Moustache' show. I saw Stewart Lee the Sunday before last and he was excellent (shame about the ridiculously cramped venue), the Richard Hammond bit is part of brilliant send-up of the unmitigated bollocks that the Top Gear presenters spout on every show. Mind you, the day The Daily Hate start laughing at the same stuff as me might well be the day to end it all. Context is of course key here and I really wish that for once the Daily Mail would give it to me straight, like a pear cider that's made from 100% pear...
  12. Flicking through an old copy of Blue Heaven last night I came across the following letter from 'Livid Lion' of Livingston dated 05/06/01.