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  1. Twitter report stating Guy had to go off due to having double vision caused by a migraine, should be available for Sundays game
  2. Yeah I believe once a player has signed for a team and agents got their "cut" it's a done deal for them, the financial implications of teams mean nothing to agents...its all about the initial fees
  3. chips

    Scottish Cup

    Yes Dundee have stated that the money is split and St Johnstone were happy to agree on the £12.50 price as normally they would charge more for ppv
  4. Is this ONE of the biggest upsets in Scottish Cup history ? Part time Brora who have played only 10 games since 7th March 2020, 3 this season.not played in league since January 2021, had 1 friendly in that time and only trained 5 times this season and to add to all that struggled to get a full team last night and could only name 3 substitutes.... loved the Hearts fans reactions as the game played oot
  5. Think I read somewhere this is the first time we've been back in the top six since September