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  1. Imo that was a cracking 2nd goal, as already said 9/10 efforts like that would probably miss. Zander wasn't "out of position" as some are stating, he was in the area where you'd expect most keepers in contrast to where the ball was in play. Lucky strike or pinpoint accuracy ?
  2. How is this right ??? Why was he allowed to play ??
  3. Yet there is supposedly an Arab fb account doing the exact same and reputedly has a few 1000 followers.
  4. Yeah watched that too, kinda sums up celtic. Can imagine the uproar IF any of the players involved tonight test positive over the next few days.
  5. Imo Hibs have every right to have concerns about tonight's game. In one hand they have a great opportunity to play against a VERY weakened celtic side on the other hand I wouldn't have blamed them for pulling out of the game ...
  6. Many a good trip on the mental Stanley bus to away games. Also had the pleasure of Hodgie being the manager of the u16/u18 Stanley footie teams, just as mad on the sidelines as he was going tae muirton park
  7. If its confirmed as a player who was on the trip media etc are gonna have a field day wi this
  8. Tommy getting an interview for Motherwell job according to the Daily Rangers ... Good luck to him
  9. Stephen Robinson resigns from motherwell