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  1. Good question, I've no idea though, will they have isolate for 14 days on their return also ?
  2. Wonder if this would ever happen over here...
  3. Sooo Kilmarnock potentially may have to forfeit their next 3 games if they (Or players) are found to have breached cov19 protocols. If they can't field a full team the games will not be postponed.Pity they didn't look into this option with Aberdeen a few weeks ago
  4. Nowt official as yet, just states their game against Motherwell tonight is in doubt
  5. A further 3 killie players test positive
  6. I get a wee acknowledgement for planting the seed, cheers fella
  7. 1 Hamilton player positive as well. Concerns now that teams will be struggling to pay wages come end of October, probably near impossible end of November and potential of folding by end of the year, due to no crowd income. What a shambles this has become, it's only gonna get worse.