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  1. Quite liked the Plough, I was one of the lucky "dad's to be" as all 3 of my daughters were born in the PRI before they closed the matty and started transferring expectant parents through to Ninewells. Infact I still have some of the Save the PRI merchandise stored along with other baby stuff. I enjoyed many celebratory pints with Meikie etc and the place had doss pool tables
  2. If reports are correct he's already knocked back the American owners of Dundee fc who came all this way expecting it to be a done deal. Seemingly when he bought the stadium he stated he'll only sell it if its going into the hands of Dundee fans. So either it'll be no go or money talks and somebody gets shafted
  3. I couldn't really say but surely that ground would have major crowd restrictions for top flight footie
  4. Arbroath also getting considered, surely that ground doesn't meet Premiership standard with only having 1000 seating capacity and 5000 standing. The fact they need to buy Dens from owner (Dutd director ?)firstly then sell it to the developers before they can even start on their new "Campsy stadium" thus making them homeless reeks of a dodgy deal somewhere. I just think once (if) Dens is sold then there will be a major implode somehow and Dundee fc will be left homeless and up sh*tcreek with no new stadium getting built at all. Maybe coincidence that both Dundee clubs are American owned and I can see some Dundee fans are feeling positive about this announcement, I just think there's more to it all and I'd be very nervous if it was happening to us. I agree that it may be a forced move to get the fans to agree on a ground share with United though, just all feels wrong and that's from someone who really doesn't give a feck for Dfc If asked SB would probably bite their hand off at the thought of extra income generated from rent fae these fookers, would we also get the hospitality income, pies etc ?
  5. Nope, but off topic we were looking to sign him, if I remember correctly the signing talks stalled over an extra measly £50 p/w, both parties wouldn't budge on this so the move collapsed