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  1. Saints 1-3 Killie Goal-Watkins Card- Clark
  2. Hibs 4-0 Saints Goal- Maolida Card- L Gordon
  3. chips

    Florence Place.

    Council just state its a trial period, they will be monitoring the traffic flow from Balhousie St and Dunkeld Rd to see if theres any issues. Local residents are baffled by the decision, just seems the council are "cutting off" the shortcut between the roads without any given reason. After this trial period it will then be decided whether to make the closure permanent or not. Residents of Kestrel Way etc are quite rightly concerned as this will potentially increase the traffic flow through their area
  4. Saints 1-4 Dundee Goal- McCowan Card- L Gordon
  5. I think he means if all players named start, we're in for a hiding
  6. Celtic 5-0 Saints Goal- Furuhashi Card- L Gordon
  7. Still baffles me what this presentation actually means to the ones receiving it, when I was a bairn I thought it meant you got on the buses for nothing, free chips from Watsons or even 20 smokes from RS Mcolls etc 🤣
  8. Aberdeen 4-0 Saints Goal-McGrath Card- L Gordon
  9. St Mirren 3-1 Saints Goal- Gogic Card- Gordon
  10. Saints 1-6 Rangers Goal- Cantwell Card- L Gordon
  11. Saints 1-3 Hearts Goal- Forrest Card- Considine