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  1. There was a Lord Robert who stayed in a certain homeless hostel (he had left before I started working there), reputedly was a surgeons consultant in Edinburgh before having a mental breakdown and for some reason ended up in Perth. Fella had a bit of money and was always ushered to a private room when he entered his bank, never claimed any benefits and always paid his hostel dues in cash. Story goes he had a jaguar car parked up in the Glover St area which sat for a few years but he was savvy enough to keep it in good order throughout his time here. Then seemingly one day he as staff put it "came to his senses" packed up his belongings uncluding a filing cabinet from his room and shoved it all in his jaguar stating he was going home to Edinburgh and has never been seen since. Whether it's a fully true story or not I've no idea but the longer term staff are adamant and he is on record of having stayed in that building.
  2. Rangers Celtic Hibs Aberdeen St Johnstone Hearts Motherwell Dundee Utd St Mirren Dundee Ross County Livingston
  3. Well then what's happening on Tuesday Saints ?
  4. The Herald throwing it about we're interested in 22yo St Mirren winger Kyle McAllister, who is on his final year of his contract
  5. Not sure if it was Open Goal or not (I'm presuming so) but there's a clip on twitter of Rooney saying he wants to stay at Saints forever ... Good lad
  6. Potential partial return to stadiums from 19th July...tbh the way things are just now with rising cases I can't see Scotland (or parts) going into level 0
  7. Just had a look at the season ticket allocation on the official site... they ain't joking when they say that there's been an amazing response for next season. It'll be very interesting to get the official numbers once they close ticket sales
  8. Rumours kicking about that Howe's family refused to come up to Glasgow after the recent events of petrol bomb attack and trouble in George Square... wouldnae blame them if there's truth in it On another note CD getting quoted as 16/1 for the job ... was only a matter of time before his name was gonna get thrown in when "bigger" clubs are looking for managers
  9. Howe now knocking back Celtic after making them wait for nearly 3 months... fecking love it.
  10. Man I remember the days it was harder to get intae any European comps than understanding the fecking set up..noo this is doing ma nut in !!!
  11. No going down too well...
  12. Saints 0-4 Hibs Nisbett (Dinnae worry my predictions have been shite awe season, no jinxing it noo)