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  1. Even better when you get a view of the bottom two as well... Sexy.
  2. Dev


    I find the Ultras word totally off-putting. It might sound cool in Milan or Belgrade or somewhere but it sounds like a majorettes group to me.
  3. Moving this to Fitba Chat as it no longer has any relevance to Saints.
  4. Why does this seem to happen to football teams so often? Every few months there are stories of clubs where half the team is down with some sort of bug and the rest of the players are sent home. It's never happened to my knowledge in any of my workplaces, seems bizarre how regularly it occurs at football clubs.
  5. I honestly don't think it's heartless, we're all sympathetic about what happened to the 96 and their families but I just don't think it would be appropriate for a Saints match, especially not this particular one.
  6. Agree 100% with this. I can't help but think that someone else would be able to do more with what's available. Delighted I bought the Scotland season ticket...
  7. Meanwhile, on the list of other heinous crimes I've committed today, I have posted an announcement to publicise this event that appears on all forum sections. I should be burned at the stake.
  8. Personally I don't think this is relevant to Saints. I stand ready to be shouted down but, while I agree that the revelations are shocking, I wouldn't be personally interested in marking it at a Saints game.
  9. You can always try a Celtic bigotboard forum if you're desperately keen to read praise for that lot. The money Celtic will bring in from group stage qualification will only further exacerbate the gap between them and the rest of Scottish football, as if that was necessary.
  10. It's Dobie not Dobbie that's joined York City and we definitely don't want him back! Apparently Dobbie could be on his way to Middlesbrough in part-exchange for Marvin Emnes.
  11. I nicked the match ball from Saints' 2-1 win over Rangers in October 2000. At the end of the match Barry Ferguson lumped the ball into the Main Stand, it took a bounce off some seats and I grabbed it. Shoved it under my jacket and made off out of the stadium. One of the stewards stopped me on the way out (think we still had our own stewards then) and I claimed that Jim Weir had given me it, which he semi-accepted giving me enough time to disappear off up the car park. Momo Sylla came into the High School a few weeks later to visit French classes so I even got the ball signed by the winning goalscorer!
  12. We miss his influence desperately.
  13. Dev

    Lomas Tenure Up?

    To repeat again for those who haven't been able to stop themselves, despite our pleas. Do not post any allegations, rumours or hearsay that is currently doing the rounds. Don't allude to anything, don't speculate on the validity of anything, don't ask for information by PM, don't tell us that you have some source or other within the club who says X, Y or Z. Just leave it alone. If possible, stick to comments related to football topics for the time being. Piles of posts have been removed from this thread and others as they could result in legal issues for the site owners and may jeopardise the future of the forum. We are being watched!
  14. The Marca report on the Motherwell-Levante game is hilarious, read it with my breakfast this morning. Describes the Motherwell players as butchers and gives four of their players 0 out of 10. Lasley "led the way in hacking". Hammell was "slow and always out of position". Higdon was "very much overweight, harmless". Ojamaa "didn't appear the whole night". The only guy they gave any praise to was Humpreys, "the only Scottish guy with ability". Basically painted the whole lot of them as talentless hammer-throwers. They did praise the Well fans though, "another night of frustration for the noisy but suffering local fans. Football has forgotten them. Without doubt, the best of Motherwell was in the stands."
  15. Dev

    Ibrox latest...

    In what way are they unable to guarantee the safety of a bloke who sits in a room in the Main Stand? Surely he's not gonna come to any harm if he doesn't leave his wee box during the game?! Sounds like more nonsense on this subject to me. Mountain out of a molehill.