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  1. I remember Mrs MacDonald's in Bridgend or Fanny Annie's as we called it. You could have gown tatties in her nails! A strange shop Greengrocers/Sweetie Shop. It was there till about '82 when George Morrison took it over & expanded Bridgend Stores.
  2. I believe the time management was firmly down to the Dewar's Centre as they took 50 minutes longer to serve dinner than expected. Impossible to push on with entertainment whilst folk being served/eating.
  3. Cos him his name is Michael Francis O'Halloran.
  4. St Johnstone v Rangers Scottish Cup 1981. The shape of things till come for the next 33 years!!!
  5. Make the highest bid for his Top then give it back to him. Simple!
  6. I could understand this rubbish if we had lost in the 89th minute due to an error from him. Get a grip & dry your eyes.
  7. Anyone know how much the package was that TGOJM mentioned the Wee Travel Company were organising??
  8. I'd be very interested to know legally if this could be enforced?? Sounds like Saints are making this up as they go along?
  9. I don't think TW is overly worried about getting players in for first Europa ties, I think we will go with what we have. New players will come in later for start of SPFL season I would guess.
  10. A very 60s/70s coffee parlour, started with a K. Kardomahs???
  11. George Street looking down to old Conservative Club, that became a gym.
  12. I meant for the rest of the season if we terminate their contracts.
  13. Folk need to calm down, let's wait & see what happens. The two players have shaken & made up. No sackings, big fine & an apology to fans then let's move on to Hearts on Wednesday. The last thing we need is another 2 players unavailable.
  14. I would not punt Foster to be fair. One misdemeanour shouldn't end his Saints career. He has been great for Saints & committed with an extended contract. Let the dust settle in my opinion. Swanson wants away anyway.
  15. Think we all need to keep the head. Swanson wants to leave Saints anyway so a 2 week wages fine will do. Foster a fine too and hopefully a grovelling apology, then we can move on. RF has been a fine addition to the squad & obviously happy to stay at Saints. Top 6 secured & if we get at least a draw with Hearts on Wed all is still Rosie!