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  1. Dundee 99 Monaco 99 Rangers 2-1 or 2-0 (about 98 O'Neil & O'Boyle Scored) Morton win Promotion Dundee Utd 3-0 in the cup must have been about 2006????
  2. Ah I see but I hope you still see my point it will be 2014 if we lift any trophies this year haha
  3. Should bring back the cardboard fans from the Ormond stand to cover any broken seats
  4. Saints should have said two years or nothing he's would have been panicking least this time if he hits form we could have got some money. I also wouldn't like to see him slot in the team ahead of either Cregg And Wotherspoon they have got to be the strongest two players together
  5. Spot on think he is one of the best players at the club and we will be doing well to hold him if he has another solid season. Top player
  6. And we'll be the first club to have lifted the League Cup before New Year if that's the case
  7. Where I was sitting a few seats were broken in the aftermath of the goal not vandalised just people getting over excited and standing on them to celebrate. Bit of an over reaction to the smoke bombs yes fair enough the club might get a fine & people moaning about two folk on the pitch after the game fair enough they were asked not too but if I recall nobody seemed to object to hundreds running on the pitch after Morton & Motherwell games in Perth? I'll hold my hands up and say I was far from the club best ambassador have had too make a lot of apologise this morning after the state I was in. So think people need to have a bit of reality about them & realise sometime these things are going to happen in the hole there wasn't any real trouble & there was a great crowd and atmosphere the best at McDiarmid in 10-15 years.
  8. Just seen it on Sky Sports News, SFL clubs looking likely to vote against the newest half arsed attempt at a solution to League Reconstruction. First Division clubs met alone after an SFL meeting and are now looking at breaking away to join the SPL instead. the saga continues then........ Anyone else think the SFA should just step in and say this is what's happening no votes, no club involvement & just put the interests of Scottish football over the interests of individual clubs.
  9. I answered a fan questionnaire a while back with regards to Scottish football in general, Gate price was high on the agenda and the common response to how much was reasonable for an adult admission, £10. There is the answer to falling crowds. Its not all about being able to afford it to me I probably could but I refuse to be ripped off to watch my team. Adult prices are a joke in the SPL. Credit where its due they have worked hard to get the family/kids prices down but the adult price remains far too high. Would go to watch Saints home and away most weeks in the first division but the rise to the SPL has just put me off going because of the price! With the team getting back in Europe this season the club has a shot at getting fans (like me) back into the habit of going to the football. TV is outwith the clubs control it provides essential income but the club needs to work towards lowering the gate closer to the £10 mark, if the club does more fans will attend fact!
  10. Forget about the clowns that would rather travel through to Glasgow to watch a team they have no right to support, the club needs too concentrate on getting the armchair fans (which i am currently one of) back in the ground. no matter what anyone says £22 for an adult is the biggest barrier & until the price is a least realistic many people including me will continue to attend very few games if any at all
  11. Been a problem for years adn yet NOTHING has been done about it, yet any club with a big away support can do what ever the **** they want & they sit back & watch!
  12. I agree, although I was there today I would say im one of the supporters who is out of the habit of going to game but this has been forced upon me by the a gate price of £22. When you take into account food & possibly a pre/post match pint you can be looking at £50 a weekend. Football in Scotland does not represent value for money. Fair enough the club have a reasonable adult/child price but as i've said in a few discussions tonight the majority of people attending football matches are adults. It was obviously going to be a poorer than usual attendance today with Christmas just around the corner but why not lower the gate prices for todays match to boost the numbers? Fair play to everyone that attends every week and is prepared to pay the money but from a one time regular attendee it's just not worth it for me anymore. will continue to go to about 3 or 4 games a season while the gate price is so high as will many others. just for the record this is not a dig at the club because the problem is far bigger than St. Johnstone, the SPL prices in general are pathetic for a very poor product
  13. Summer football for youth teams woould make so much sense. If you take last winter there couldn't have been many youth games taking place by between late November & January. Also they were talking about facilities on the programme, a lot of investment has went into sports facilities in Perth recently which has to be a positive for sport in general in the area.
  14. Well if you were to take Perth & Kinross as a hole we are the only professional club in this area so i suppose this would come down to "all the teams working together" in some sort of gentleman’s agreement between clubs that this was our area for players. I would also say at the moment there is not a perth league for under 17's as there was only going to be 3 teams!!! how that has been let to happen it's disgraceful there surely has to be enough 16 yearolds to have a decent sized perth league? Have to say what Falkirk were doing seemed very positive & will be interesting to see where the club go's in the next few years.
  15. Anybody else watch "A Match For Europe" and think that St. Johnstone have to be one of the worst clubs in terms of player development & would rather have short term financal security over developing the club/scottish game for the future. Every fault mentioned in that programme just reeked of St. Johnstone FC. When you look at the players we have produced(or failed to produce) in recent years I can only think of Kevin Moon as one that made it. You could say players like Cuthbert, Doris, Malone & Baxter came through but none managed to sustain a first team place & were eventually moved on. Can't understand how a player like Steven McManus who played for Scotland at youth level never made it through too a first team player, surely something or someone to blame for that. Anyway whats everyone else's thoughts on youth development at Saints & in Perth in general?