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  1. Listed in first programme of the season: John Balavage GK 1 Doug Barron CD 4 Jim Butter GK Paul Cherry FB/MF 8 Tommy Coyle MF Harry Curran MF Roddy Grant CF 10 Ian Heddle MF 12 John Irvine ? Grant Jenkins F Sammy Johnston MF 6 Stevie Maskrey W 9 Alan McKillop CD Don McVicar FB 3 Alan Moore W 7 Willie Newbigging CD? Keith Nicholson ? Mike Smith FB/MF? Stuart Sorbie MF/F? Gary Thompson MF Kenny Thomson FB Mark Treanor FB 2 Only surnames shown in programme so forenames may not be 100% accurate. Unsure of a couple of positions as not shown in programme and working from memory. By the end of the season the following: T Coyle J Irvine S Sorbie G Thompson Had been replaced by: Paul Hegarty CD 5 Billie Blackie F? Gary Maher MF? Gary McGinnis MF/D 11 K Ward F 14 Shirt numbers show the line up for the 3-1 game v Airdrie (Heddle wore number 11 in every other game).
  2. Celtic Dundee United Aberdeen ICT Motherwell Saints Partick St Mirren Kilmarnock Ross County Dundee Hamilton
  3. Spartak 2 - 1 Saints MacLean 4000 sorry it's a bit late