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  1. Or will the money be used to replace Tommy????
  2. I can’t see a future for Tommy at Saints after those comments
  3. Offer them Kane, Ando, Swanson, Callaghan,McMillan and a chorizo pie and we might just be in with a shout!
  4. Of course we should try to get him but of course we won’t try to get him!
  5. Interesting dilemma for McCart if he ends up playing for ICT against us in the play off!
  6. Just saying.......he may be crap but he’s also the type of player TW could be interested in. He’s a terrible striker so we are likely to sign him, it’s what we do....
  7. Osman Sow released by Killie......just saying....
  8. Firstly we are in December so not early season and no it’s not bad as we are smack bang in the middle of a relegation battle. Watching other bottom sides is what we do in this position!
  9. Why can’t we just do a deal with Killie and take 3-0 now, saves everyone travelling, protecting the environment?.
  10. So does TW get another transfer window? That’s what he appears to be asking for during BBC interview. His record on this front is not good, will SB give him another window? We just appear to be repeating same mistakes hoping for a different outcome and that basically sums up our tactics, transfers and team selections.
  11. The big problem we have is that we can point to any part of the team and say we need players in. And that’s unacceptable. Yes the defence is honking but there is so much wrong- tactically inept, low confidence, fans staying away. Bottom line is that we are just not that good, not enough quality to keep us up and that has been obvious for over a year now. It’s been shocking to watch but we have been sleep walking our way to the Championship. A season too far for TW I’m afraid but damage is done now and I can’t see us retaining our place in the top flight
  12. This! We should have taken action six weeks ago, now too late.
  13. We have not been appealing for a few seasons now !
  14. It’s just the same old same old! A very poor team, poorly assembled and we have nowhere to go but down