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  1. That’s if there are any available by then.
  2. Yeah but he should have passed he was never going to score from 3 yards out with the goalie lying on his backside on the 18 yard line
  3. The problem being that a lot of the other income comes from conferences and other hospitality events which might all have to be cancelled.
  4. So basically we have no idea.
  5. Sixties - Dementia setting in - not that we might beat them - but that we might get a decent ref
  6. I think it was the first all covered all seater.
  7. Do both teams not have to agree a price if they can’t do the SFA not set the price?
  8. This just doesn’t make sense. You sign a backup keeper to cover for injuries or lack of form. What would have happened if Zander got injured just after the transfer window closed. Parish might have to have played a lot of games. I think Tommy is loyal to the players and has stuck by Zander. I think now is the time fo give him a rest for his own good and play Parish.
  9. When you get to our age you forget that you have repeated yourself
  10. Bet you had to check that in the dictionary Gav
  11. I think they’re both top 6 I can’t remember for definite.
  12. Stumpy1966

    Free week

    That’s not going help our goal difference enough it has to be 6 nil
  13. Stumpy1966

    Free week

    They are talking about postponing the League games before the Israel match, who are we due to play yep Celtic.