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    Worked 35 years for Royal Mail took early retirement then worked for 10 years in the diy sector.
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  1. Stumpy1966

    New Manager

    Don’t you think he might just want to keep his hand in
  2. Is it only one free child per adult this year?
  3. Yours will be a concession now
  4. As long as it’s not keepie uppie you’re ok
  5. Confirmed as new Hearts manager.
  6. Stumpy1966

    New Manager

    Is he not still at Millwall who sit 8th in the championship 2 points off a playoff place? Don’t see how you can say that didn’t work out.
  7. All in different colours
  8. It’s not what he said it’s the way he said it.
  9. For some the fact us oldies keep living is the problem
  10. Thank you, worked a treat. Just goes to show you’re never to old to learn
  11. How do you get saints TV on a smart TV?
  12. Stumpy1966

    New Manager

    Played for saints. Was Jim Weirs assistant at Elgin City and took over as their manager when Weir left for Forfar and is still their manager. Owns a business in Aberfeldy and still lives there. Be thankful that Stubbs is not mentioned there are enough other numpties.