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  1. You can play rearranged games but associations can’t schedule games at the outset.
  2. There is nothing better than when your nearest rivals play well and get beat.
  3. Noticed Devine wasn’t in the semi pool of players. Injured???
  4. Surely you meant a £1 note
  5. Stumpy1966


    Ah but did he win any cups.
  6. Why is it a brainless cliche ????
  7. Stumpy1966

    Away shirts

    Didn’t last long enough.
  8. But you’re speculating he’s speculating
  9. Disagree entirely Middleton great going forward but United were causing problems down their right and the correct decision to take him off.
  10. COVID passports required for this game.
  11. If we get to the final there will be plenty tickets.