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  1. They should be treaded exactly the same as the “2 big clubs” were who broke the rules at the start. If you punish Kilmarnock you also punish Saints and all the other clubs who were effected by Celtic and Aberdeen players who broke the rules..
  2. Gary just to say Jason Kerr is on twice.
  3. This is the first time they have cancelled a game the last time they had to borrow a keeper and play. This is a genuine question what punishment would you award? If you award the points to the opposition that penalises the other teams as well. If you fine them in this climate who does that help. I think we just have to grin and bare it.
  4. Is anyone else getting an error code when they try to log into their prepaid ppl?
  5. Christie doesn’t have it Armstrong does. Christie has been in close contact with him so I don’t think it has any influence on saints.
  6. I think Callum said that he was at the park today.
  7. I know they will but they can’t go on making the rules up as it goes on. They set the precedent by only fining Celtic and Aberdeen but only suspending the player(s) found guilty. They can’t change that rule now and deduct points in the league but they might to be able to in the cup.
  8. I thought they should have given Calum a bit longer but there you go.
  9. Not sure what is more embarrassing slagging Calum off after 9 games or slagging Bryson off after no games.
  10. Stumpy1966


    I think it might be behind closed doors.
  11. It has come back as a false positive after the second test.
  12. I thought Ali’s position let spoony and Conway control the game.