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  1. According to premier sports this has a 2pm ko on Sunday15th August and is not televised.
  2. Main saints site, click tickets then no4 (member claim 21)
  3. It is two per adult so enjoy.
  4. Even worse it ko at 1pm.
  5. I think we were talking about the PSV game being televised somewhere.
  6. I hope anyone who buys one now go’s to the end of the queue for tickets.
  7. Just like to say before anyone asks it is not and will not be on saints tv
  8. Which is of course 12 noon here in Bonny Perth.
  9. There is a reason they are behind closed doors.
  10. When did we ever get saints reports on closed door games?
  11. I believe it’s a behind closed doors.
  12. To be fair he was passing to Gogic.
  13. So basically playing hard to get