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  1. No he didn’t. He got booked for allegedly diving after being fouled by Goldson.
  2. If Guy keeps missing these easy chances I think we should give Kano a chance.
  3. I don’t know I couldn’t hear
  4. Also Ashcroft turned us down to join Dundee and the pars right back is ex-Saints Arron Comrie
  5. I think it might be a wee bit unfair on Clyde to play two games on the Thursday
  6. I’m assuming most of these votes were placed on 1st April
  7. Napoleon odds on favourite as next Celtic manager
  8. I think that was Hearts.
  9. I don't think MOH would go back to rangers after the way they treated him the last time
  10. I think we have got the point. You are just sexist.