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  1. Oh cagey you can turn negativity into negativity.
  2. Oh cagey is there anything you don’t moan at!!!!
  3. Would be a great signing I would bring him from his old folks home every morning.
  4. Sorry have I missed the raffle.
  5. Oh cagey your glass isn’t half empty it’s completely empty
  6. Midden fans think we paid £50,000. Dundee fans think we are signing Lawlor. Wouldn’t it be great if saints fans new what they are complaining about. I think we are just feeding things for cagey to moan about.
  7. Hopefully this means Ross is going out on loan as this is what he needs at this time in his career. For whatever reason he did not play much football last season and that can’t happen again so sitting on the bench as No 2 won’t help him.
  8. Do ladies and children not play golf???
  9. I don’t think the manager will do the actual negotiations. He will have identified the players he wants and then it will be up to Scott Boyd to deal with.
  10. Be interesting to see Shaun’s cup stats.
  11. He should know better than to fall out with the 5 asides Steven McLean
  12. Gee cagey that was almost positive