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  1. HertsAgain


    Brilliant. Fully deserved. Well done Zander
  2. We'll never know. He's left us, gone to a club where he's never really been a regular starter, and now finds himself loaned out elsewhere - all presumably making more money than he was making here. Depends what's important to him I guess. Ok, double cup win for us, but the fact is - Saints didn't need him to achieve that. So the answer to your question is "who cares?"
  3. The names mentioned don't go back far enough in time. Thank god some folk missed the period when Ian Gibson was Saints manager...
  4. A manager that has lost the plot and a chairman that is incompetent.
  5. You "don't think"? Some of us were absolutely sure that was the case months ago...
  6. Your first sentence - I'm not sure it's Geoff Brown's decision to make. The rest of your post? Yip.
  7. Welcome. Some of us figured that out three months ago.
  8. Bottom of the league, two wins all season and just a handful more since January. We’re still here.
  9. Saints league position suggests otherwise. With no real indication of that situation changing any time soon other than blind faith. But hey, there we go...
  10. Apparently, the previous two were as well. We've taken 1 point. I don't see us getting that out of the next two games. Wright's run his race.
  11. An argument only made through fear of taking the necessary step, and in Wright's case, sentimentality. It's pretty obvious that we're going nowhere, and perpetuating the current situation only makes it worse. Brown has said he's got names in mind. Time to let go.
  12. Don't care any more. Writing has been on the wall for weeks. Get him to f***
  13. "Shut it down" is the classic position when you have a weak position and can't really argue with reality or the opposing view. In the context of Saints current predicament, it comes from living in the past. We won a cup and had some high league finishes under the current manager, which of course was brilliant. However, MOH, Danny and now Stevie back at the club (some multiple times) don't give a sense of moving forward. I believe that managers and players have a shelf-life at any club, and god knows, we could do with some fresh ideas and perspective now. As to the question that's always asked - "who would replace Tommy?" - has Paul Sheerin's name been mentioned? Did a pretty good job with Arbroath when he was there until you could argue he hit the skids with a club not equipped to play in the higher league he got them into. His record with U20s since has been quite impressive as I understand it.
  14. Whoa. We’ve won 1 in 11 and only a handful more since the start of the year, and you’re fingering folk for being negative? Jesus.