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  1. Muzz , Mikey and Ciftci were all training . Could be huge to just get these 3 fit enough .
  2. An extra 3 days or so won’t help those on the verge
  3. The later 70’s weren’t much better . WAP a few years ago used to be better . Great characters , always up for a laugh . You come on here now and its endless moaning . If you do make a point someone tries to jump on it or they try to get you to prove something that is impossible.
  4. I have been known to make the odd bad decision . Like changing my email address so I couldn’t get back on using my other name .
  5. Round———-and ———-round————in ————-circles
  6. So you know 100% he didn’t try to bring in anyone at the time replace Kerr . How do we know what went on before the transfer window closed .
  7. I’ve been right on everything I’ve said .
  8. Jason it’s not about if you think he should stay . He is staying so you’re either behind him or you ain’t . Folk moaning every week about the way he manages the team , his tactics , his subs . It’s boring . He’s not gonna change . The only thing that will change will be personnel unless they change the manager .
  9. Sums everything about new generation saints fans . Deluded
  10. They’ll maybe make it a joint celebration with the cups from last season . There will be a celebration if we get ourselves out this predicament. You can see that folk really don’t want Callum to do well for some reason . Makes it all the more sweeter for him when he does .
  11. Thankfully the folk in charge of the club couldn’t give 2 monkeys what you thought .
  12. Obviously too intelligent for this forum .