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  1. I’ve been going for 40 odd year home and away and I’ve stopped going . Haven’t enjoyed it for a few seasons . Think it was the Covid break that caused it . Social distanced get togethers with like minded Sainteees . No screaming at players and shouting abuse and all the other stuff that goes with watching a live game .Tried sitting in different parts of the ground but just don’t get that buzz anymore . Absolutely no joy listening to that bile for 90 minutes from either of those 2 teams anymore that’s for sure . like so many of my friends that used to go in the 80’s,90’s, 00’s we’re still sainteees but not diehards anymore . It’s funny cause I still like the away day outs but can’t be bothered with the depressing over priced football . Maybe another Totten/Paton or Tommy/Callum management team will lure me back .
  2. You missed Kenny Miller calling every free kick correct. Every booking correct . Every VAR correct . The whole of the first half looking at an excuse to slag the pitch except when the Ranjurs scored . Complemented the Ranjurs on all their attempts first half . He’d be as well sitting with the strip scarf and tammy on singing Derry’s Walls
  3. I’d charge them more . Who cares what they think £35 and no reduced concessions
  4. Setting Son


    Saints players struggle to pass to a teammate on plastic pitches so what state the McD pitch is in shouldn’t matter
  5. I thought we played well and Callum Davidson ain’t manager ……. so all good
  6. Get the Theo Bair thread moved . Admin used to be good on this site . Let anything go now 😑🤖
  7. How did bi-Davie ( each to their own) get on with his tickets . Went a bit quiet 😶
  8. Some of these players in the champions league now
  9. Perceptions and narratives. You hear players saying when they join clubs it just happens for them or sometimes it doesn’t . We had a knack of picking a player with the right attitude, looking for a different challenge and it clicking for them . Everyone wanted Theo to work but it just didn’t . Everyone wished him all the best but no one thought he’d be scoring for fun . Obviously now everyone blames saints for hindering his progress when it’s as simple as not working out for him .
  10. Seemingly was superb in training but couldn’t win a header jumping on his own in a game . Some players take longer to adapt to the Scottish game . Myself, I was saying how can he adapt to the Scottish game when he doesn’t get a run in the team . A sub appeareance on 80 minutes 🥶 every game